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by varnayskiy
Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:50
Forum: Old Mods
Topic: [Modpack] "Better HUD" and "hunger" [2.x.1] [hud][hunger]
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Re: [Mod] Better HUD (and hunger) [1.4] [hud]

What's about HUD_HUNGER_EXHAUST_MOVE*2 on jump event?
function hud.handle_node_actions(pos, oldnode, player, ext)
And what ext stands for? Can't understand from where it's value passed to handle_node_actions()?
Thanks in advance.
by varnayskiy
Sat Dec 27, 2014 19:01
Forum: Feature Discussion
Topic: Name Distance
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Re: Name Distance

I really need this feature. unlimited_player_transfer_distance not the option.
by varnayskiy
Thu Oct 09, 2014 14:06
Forum: News
Topic: [0.4.11] Node highlighting
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Re: [0.4.11] Node highlighting

Can anyone tell me, how I can get coordinates of, or pointer to highlighted block?
by varnayskiy
Mon Sep 22, 2014 17:37
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Mod] Mesecons (= redstone) [GitHub] [minetest-mod-mesecons]
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Re: [Mod] Mesecons (= redstone) [GitHub] [minetest-mod-mesec

Hellow, a I have YANI :) Iron bars under voltage. What do you think about it?
by varnayskiy
Sun Sep 14, 2014 09:15
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Modpack] Creatures MOB-Engine [2.3.1] [cme]
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Nice mod! It makes lot's of fun to play! Here are some suggestions: Raw rotten flesh should harm you and cooked rotten flesh should give you HP back. I think you partially right :) I have changed items.lua, and rotten flesh now harm player a little bit: minetest.register_craftitem("creatures:r...
by varnayskiy
Tue Jun 24, 2014 15:23
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Modpack] Creatures MOB-Engine [2.3.1] [cme]
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Re: [Mod] Creatures [1.1.3 beta] [creatures]

Why sheeps don't drop meat when die? I take meat from another mod: ... local s2_drop = "mobs:meat_raw" if self.object:get_hp() < 1 then creatures.drop(my_pos, {{name=s2_drop, count=math.random(0,1)}}, dir) And i was dissapoint, that zombies don't activate pressure plates from messecons. So...