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by ryvnf
Fri Apr 10, 2015 18:06
Forum: WIP Mods
Topic: [wip][mod] Rotting nodes: "Your house will rot!" [rot]
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[wip][mod] Rotting nodes: "Your house will rot!" [rot]

WARNING: If you want to try this mod on your world you should definitely make a backup first. This mod will mess with your world and might destroy it. Use at your own risk! Hello this is my first mod. I am not yet very proficient and comfortable with the modding API so this mod is far from perfect....
by ryvnf
Thu Mar 26, 2015 13:52
Forum: Modding Discussion
Topic: Post your modding questions here
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What does `settexturemod('^[brighten')` do?

Hello, I am currently learning the modding API by hacking other peoples mods. I was hacking the Nuke mod written by sfan5 when I came across a strange line that I cannot find much information about. self.object:settexturemod('^[brighten') I know that it makes the texture of the entity brighter but I...