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by T3DGames
Mon May 23, 2016 23:18
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Topic: [Game] Regnum [3.5.5]
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Re: [Game]Regnum[1.0.10]

This is by far one of the best subgames up i have ever played

(does anyone know what gifts are for?)
by T3DGames
Mon Oct 26, 2015 13:58
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Topic: [WIP][MOD] Scrapmetal
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[WIP][MOD] Scrapmetal

This mod adds scrap-metal to minetest the mod works very simply all you need to do is smelt any steel, bronze, silver, or mithril item into scrap metal then smelt the scrap metal back into ingots this mod was intended to make old tools and armor have some use after you get an upgrade depends on: def...