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Zigz1 wrote:Guys


Minetest is supposed to be for older computers, 3D models would just make people lag much more on their damned computers.

You can't possibly be serious. I hope we're not going back to MSDOS territory.
by Monty
Thu May 10, 2012 13:33
Forum: Feature Discussion
Topic: The Realm of 3D Mobs
Replies: 202
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Sensible feature suggestions

I don't want to seem like an "idea guy", but I figured I'd offer my two cents on what I'd like to see in Minetest. All I have to offer are the ideas running around in my noggin, I know no code and I have no idea where to start as far as that goes. I can only apologise. I posted a fleshed out suggest...
by Monty
Thu May 10, 2012 00:24
Forum: Feature Discussion
Topic: Sensible feature suggestions
Replies: 3
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