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by thelazurite
Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:37
Forum: Old Mods
Topic: [Mod] Nether Mod [0.1STABLE]
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@ikjoel Maybe look at the Default minetest Generator and build ontop of that. It might possibly make generation faster? Also, i think the nether looks cool in purple :P I modified your existing textures a little and got the above result :) Sorry if this post seems kind o...
by thelazurite
Sat Jun 02, 2012 16:21
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Modpack] Animals Modpack [2.5] -- 2.6 approaching
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Do you think it would be possible to add pet wolves, say if you interacted with them by giving them a bone it would tame them or something like that :)?