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by Instant
Sat Jul 23, 2016 02:30
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Post your screenshots!
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Re: Post your screenshots!

I kept taking screenshots of several mods, one of them is licensed under WTFPL... I think
by Instant
Sat Jul 23, 2016 02:06
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Mod] Indestructible Bedrock Layer [1.2.2] [bedrock2]
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Re: [Mod] Indestructible Bedrock Layer [1.1.0] [bedrock2]


You should move the bedrock another 3-4k or so, because this mod kinda cancels out the Nether mod.
by Instant
Sat Jul 23, 2016 01:58
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Mod] Pie [0.7][pie]
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Re: [Mod] Pie [0.4][pie]

You just gotta add pies to Xanadu! IF it's not already there. Also you need to support this with le diet mod!
by Instant
Sat Jul 23, 2016 01:45
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Mod] StreetsMod [2.0.1] – create modern cities
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Re: [Mod][RELAUNCH+POLL] StreetsMod [1.5] – create modern ci

We also need street signs... Like the ones players can edit... We also need a nice sidewalk... I don't really like looking at Technic's Concrete. Just suggestions :) Also Cheapie... cool signs and streets :D
by Instant
Fri Jul 22, 2016 20:53
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Mod] Technic [0.4.16-dev] [technic]
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Re: [Mod] Technic [0.4.11] [technic]

You're missing something... The game started creating dummy images for Stainless Steel Ingot, so when I cheked to look in the directory, I saw 32x stainless steel ingot, but not in the original 16x directory. So I made one for you! It has slight resemblance to another metal, but that's okay... right?