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Re: [Map] Hogwarts & More

This is really cool and I'm a big HP fan, so naturally I tried downloading it.... The downloading itself worked okay, although for some reason it unzipped other mods I had recently downloaded and had yet to put in the mods folder.... I tried re-downloading those mods, but they still came unzipped. D...
by Infinitum
Thu Mar 23, 2017 02:50
Forum: Maps
Topic: [Map] Hogwarts & More
Replies: 53
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Can't use mods?

Okay, so this is probably a noob question, but anyways.... In the configuration section of the GUI where it shows the mod's depends, there's question marks after the ones I don't have or something like that. But what's the intllib? A lot of mods seem to require that, yet I don't know how to access/g...
by Infinitum
Tue Mar 21, 2017 02:50
Forum: Problems
Topic: Can't use mods?
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