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by Juozas
Sat Jun 06, 2020 07:26
Forum: Minetest-related projects
Topic: Amidst for Minetest: A mapping and biomes tool
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Re: Amidst for Minetest: A mapping and biomes tool

I've used the program a lot to generate seeds for minetest, It works fine, but after using it a while to generate maps from random seeds it's throwing an out of memory and multiple java.lang.NullPointerException errors while generating a map ...
by Juozas
Fri May 01, 2020 07:13
Forum: Builds
Topic: [Linux] Minetest Appimages
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Re: [Linux] Minetest Appimages

Thanks for the AppImage for MT 5.2.0, but I got into problem running it on my Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. When executing it complains about /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ , it might be missing or a library that depends on it might be missing too. This is an error I get when running it /tmp/.mount_Mi...