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by RastaTux
Sun Jan 28, 2018 19:37
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Topic: Mods for Mobs
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Re: Mods for Mobs

Hey Big Bene,
This issue has nothing to do with minetest, it's a problem with fetching new packages in your linux system. :)
Search for that error in the net and consider removing some custom ppa's.
After doing a succeeded update, install minetest in sudo mode.
by RastaTux
Sun Jan 28, 2018 19:33
Forum: Feature Discussion
Topic: Doubletap for Mods
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Doubletap for Mods

Hello! Im adding some functionality to "hbsprint". Right now im stuck at the doubletap w-functionality. the "hbsprint" works different than the old "sprint"-mod, so i can't just copy it over. That brought me to the question if it's not better to have this functionality ...