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by Lord_Silberfarben
Tue Oct 13, 2020 06:48
Forum: Minetest-related projects
Topic: Minetest Mafia
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Minetest Mafia

Minetest Mafia Have you ever wanted to play mafia but with minetest? If the answer is no, you should have! If yes, great! This topic is for an idea i had, which i wanted to improve(a lot, and also know if it is an existing idea.) this is how it goes. a gamemaster gives out the roles(good or evil) a...
by Lord_Silberfarben
Thu Sep 17, 2020 04:09
Forum: Maps
Topic: Maps for Capture the Flag mega-topic
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Re: Maps for Capture the Flag mega-topic

Hello there! I am building a castle map for CTF!! I just wanted to ask if there is something you specifically want in a map, or something that other maps are lacking, or something that other maps have and you dislike... tell me! thanks! and also, would it be possible for the map to have mesecons? th...