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Re: [Mod] Mobs Redo [1.49] [mobs]

I think that's it! So the problem is in cottages. I'll delete the issue in mobs_redo and post a patch in cottages. Quite possible. I've had issues with the sound definition as well and did some local, not yet published fixes. It's something I'll have to take a close look at once I'm done reading th...
by Sokomine
Fri Jan 18, 2019 23:19
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Mod] Mobs Redo [1.49] [mobs]
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Re: Post your screenshots!

My new A* pathfinder algorithm for Minetest, is now in alpha testing. It handles 3D terrain mapping, converting all walkable surfaces into 2D "hint" maps, then compresses and caches those results into per-mapblock node-graphs for lightning fast lookups. The pathfinder supports numerous se...
by Sokomine
Fri Jan 18, 2019 23:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Post your screenshots!
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Re: [Server] German-MineClone2-server [instabil !]

Ja, das mit dem Mobs ärgert mich auch, ich glaub, die Spawnlogik muss ich sowieso komplett neuschreiben. Und das kann dauern. Mobs Redo scheint doch nicht so toll zu sein. :-( Auf anderen Servern funktioniert es mit Mobs Redo mittlerweile recht gut. Vielleicht ist einfach nur etwas Finetuning nötig...
by Sokomine
Fri Jan 18, 2019 14:36
Forum: Servers
Topic: [Server] German-MineClone2-server [instabil !]
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Re: Liste deutscher Minetest Videos

Meldrian [Holarse] hat vor ein paar Jahren sehr nette Videos über MT erstellt. Er spricht über verschiedene Themen, die ihm gerade wichtig sind, und baut dabei langsam ein Haus.
by Sokomine
Thu Jan 17, 2019 00:09
Forum: Deutsch
Topic: Liste deutscher Minetest Videos
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Re: [Mod] Structures [git] [minetest_mods_structures]

I'm glad you're working on your mods again and am curious to see how the'll develop. I didn't have much time for my own mods in the past months. Regarding outdated functions...don't they show up in the log? Perhaps it'd be best to take a look at the messages in the logfile.
by Sokomine
Wed Jan 16, 2019 23:35
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Mod] Structures [git] [minetest_mods_structures]
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Re: [Server] Inside The Box [Puzzles]

Kroukuk wrote:That's why I think they should have better names, so that not everyone reads them as something different

Please tell that to sofar...
by Sokomine
Wed Jan 16, 2019 23:20
Forum: Servers
Topic: [Server] Inside The Box [Puzzles]
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Re: [Mod] Placeable ingots [1.3] [ingots]

The only thing missing from technic are uranium ingots and I feel like letting people place large amounts of radioactive material into a small place is kind of not a good idea. Er..perhaps not. Though you might add barrels with the radiocative waste from all those reactors inside. That'd then be an...
by Sokomine
Wed Jan 16, 2019 22:03
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Mod] Placeable ingots [1.3] [ingots]
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Re: [Game] Loss

Maybe a small server to test it out could be helpful. The gameplay might be easier to understand there.
by Sokomine
Wed Jan 16, 2019 22:00
Forum: WIP Games
Topic: [Game] Loss
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Re: [Server] Jungle

Gundul wrote:--- Jungle Space Station ---

Very impressive work! Perhaps the server can be changed so that it uses sykboxes? Sharas Red Cat Creative server has such a setup. The background at a certain altitude is not normal blue sky but a starfield with nebulae.
by Sokomine
Wed Jan 16, 2019 21:57
Forum: Servers
Topic: [Server] Jungle
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Re: [Server] Xanadu

NetYard5 wrote:My builds is strange, wanted to make campfire but what's you guys opinions?

Campfire furnace, or Suicide hanger?

A very big campfire perhaps? For a lage group? Maybe you ought to remove the metal bars. The wooden parts look far more fitting. And: Very nice tent. They're tricky to build.
by Sokomine
Wed Jan 16, 2019 21:51
Forum: Servers
Topic: [Server] Xanadu
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Re: More quality videos of Minetest!

Minetest videos are calm = Boring. 30 min or more of the sickle to death, like a documentary about lions in the savannah. The audience is not engaged. It is a big problem!!! I like that style. And a documentary about lions in the savannah may be great and much more entertaining than say a film abou...
by Sokomine
Wed Jan 16, 2019 21:22
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: More quality videos of Minetest!
Replies: 18
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Re: [Map] Karsthafen

If anyone have a good idea how to build big mountains and big valleys on an existing map, it would be wonderfull, if you tell it me in this thread how to do it. I plan to create a big river valley on my Karsthafen map... Back in MC creative, some players used exploding TNT in order to generate more...
by Sokomine
Wed Jan 16, 2019 21:08
Forum: Maps
Topic: [Map] Karsthafen
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Re: [mod] Bike for Minetest [1.1.1] [bike]

I've seen this mod in action on the Gallifrey server. The mod works very nice, and the bike has a very good animation. Well done!
by Sokomine
Mon Jan 14, 2019 04:10
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [mod] Bike for Minetest [1.1.1] [bike]
Replies: 88
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Re: [mod] tides [tides]

Very intresting concept. How well does it perform now? And: Dirt falling dry because of the water moving away ought to turn into a special form of dirt. Maybe it would be sufficient to calculate and replace those nodes once. Still, that would make it even more complicated. What about ships? They'd h...
by Sokomine
Sun Jan 13, 2019 18:19
Forum: WIP Mods
Topic: [mod] tides [tides]
Replies: 22
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Re: [Server] Inside The Box [Puzzles]

it would be nice, if the category signs/smileys had names, that show what they mean like "fast" instead of "racecar" or "easy" instead of "winking face" or "surprising" instead of "o-mouth" so that the categorization is more consistent. Oh...
by Sokomine
Sun Jan 13, 2019 17:58
Forum: Servers
Topic: [Server] Inside The Box [Puzzles]
Replies: 405
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Re: [MOD]Barchairs[git]

Nice mod. The barchairs might also be used as shelves elsewhere - which is a plus (always good to be able to use nodes in more than one way).
by Sokomine
Mon Jan 07, 2019 23:57
Forum: WIP Mods
Topic: [MOD]Barchairs[git]
Replies: 5
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Re: Share Your WorldEdit Files!

@Peak: Very impressive cathedrals! I wonder if they might fit into citybuilder. Perhaps the city would have to grow too large to accomodate them... @TwinGears: Very impressive structure for a 6 year old. I've seen many older players which did far less good. The fish is extremly nicely done and fun t...
by Sokomine
Mon Jan 07, 2019 23:45
Forum: Maps
Topic: Share Your WorldEdit Files!
Replies: 274
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Re: Worldedit-like capabilities in "survival"?

It depends a bit on what you really want. Usually, WorldEdit is useful for constructing large, detailed, high-quality buildings. When doing those, gathering materials and using them for the construction becomes less and less important. The goal with WorldEdit is to be able to handle larger structure...
by Sokomine
Mon Jan 07, 2019 23:08
Forum: Modding Discussion
Topic: Worldedit-like capabilities in "survival"?
Replies: 2
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Re: Default Male and Female Skins

Extex' female skin looks pretty nice. We can use more of these. Most female skins are still of a poor quality. Hope this skin of Extex gets added to at least one of the skin mods.
by Sokomine
Mon Jan 07, 2019 22:03
Forum: Feature Discussion
Topic: Default Male and Female Skins
Replies: 33
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Re: [WIP][Mod]Facade[facade]

I usually hope to see good mods appear on servers so that I can build with them. I'm not quite sure with this mod. It might be *too* tempting :) It has so many nice details that offer whole new options! But it'd also take a considerable amount of time to produce such a good building. Still...extreml...
by Sokomine
Mon Jan 07, 2019 21:58
Forum: WIP Mods
Topic: [WIP][Mod]Facade[facade]
Replies: 45
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Re: Game of minetest like Terrafirmacraft of Minecraft?

RealTest would really be the most fitting candidate. AFAIK it was inspired/modeled after Terrafirmcraft.
by Sokomine
Mon Jan 07, 2019 21:54
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Game of minetest like Terrafirmacraft of Minecraft?
Replies: 4
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Re: Keyring mod?

The keys and keyring from my locks mod are able to unlock any chest, door or other locked item you have access to.
by Sokomine
Mon Jan 07, 2019 21:49
Forum: Feature Discussion
Topic: Keyring mod?
Replies: 4
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Re: [Mod] Digilines LED marquee [git][led_marquee]

Very nice looking display and intresting mod. It'd be great if we could actually control each "LED" individually, but then - that would be far too many textures (and close to impossible to control).
by Sokomine
Mon Jan 07, 2019 21:48
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Mod] Digilines LED marquee [git][led_marquee]
Replies: 23
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Re: [Server] Metis

Des Weiteren möchte ich weitere Minetest-Server aufsetzen. Diese Server sollen speziell für den Bereich Bildung sein. Es ist ratsam, erst mal *einen* Server richtig aufzusetzen und damit ein wenig zu üben. Oft wird so ein Server von Spielern besucht, und die...machen dann mehr oder weniger Arbeit :...
by Sokomine
Mon Jan 07, 2019 19:43
Forum: Servers
Topic: [Server] Metis
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Re: Why Your Server is Messed Up ;) part 1, Spawn

Sorry, but I am starving while looking at all of the wonders. I have to play a bit before I can afford to gawk at your awesome works. Er, yes. That is..kind of understandable. Even if the admins don't protect huge empty areas of land, Spawn gets crowded with cool buildings. Over time the result is ...
by Sokomine
Mon Jan 07, 2019 05:04
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Why Your Server is Messed Up ;) part 1, Spawn
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