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by Napzilla
Sat Nov 10, 2012 02:08
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Topic: Decent Sofa Mod
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Decent Sofa Mod

I'm looking for a way to make a nice looking sofa. I tried stacking wool, but it came out obscenely large in comparison to the rest of my furniture. Anyone know of a good mod that has sofas, or a clever way to make one?
by Napzilla
Mon Oct 01, 2012 04:59
Forum: Mod Releases
Topic: [Mod] Beds [beds]
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Thanks for this mod, it's a great idea. The machine I'm using at the moment doesn't have the juice to do mobs, but I find building and other stuff a night a pain because of the lighting. I'm having a slight problem implementing the mod, though. I apologize if this is the result of a stupid mistake, ...