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hey i need help creating a skyscraper on Shadow's server msg me in game with teleport request. ingame is Architect.
by shiftus
Sun Jun 23, 2013 17:06
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Post your screenshots!
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player args end

when i go to log into my world it says this
03:50:47: ERROR[main]: Some exception: "Player::deSerialize(): PlayerArgsEnd not found"
how to fix?
by shiftus
Fri Apr 05, 2013 08:23
Forum: Problems
Topic: player args end
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may i please have interact. Architect
by shiftus
Sat Jan 26, 2013 14:06
Forum: Servers
Topic: [Server] VanessaE's Creative Server [5.1.0-dev]
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sorry but my in game name is Architect not Shiftus but can i still have interact?
by shiftus
Sun Jan 20, 2013 23:36
Forum: Servers
Topic: Testing Server & Survival.
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Can i have fly and fast if possible? I also wish to have build or interact privs. Thanks in advance.
by shiftus
Sat Jan 12, 2013 00:19
Forum: Servers
Topic: Mrtux's Server 0.4.4 git (5d18dc358b) [whitelist]
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my name in the game is Architect but you can call me Art and i am impressed by the server and i wish to build and add to the server. can i have interact. i have read the rules and will follow them please give me interact
by shiftus
Sat Dec 08, 2012 00:52
Forum: Servers
Topic: [0.4.4] Zegaton - Zeg's server
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Redcrab my Name in minetest is Architect but you can call me Art. Can i please have building and fly privs. I am very impressed by your map and the creations on it and i wish to contribute to it.but in order to do so i need interactive privs which is basically build and fly.
by shiftus
Fri Nov 23, 2012 04:48
Forum: Servers
Topic: Redcrab's server
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