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by ajovicic1503
Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:52
Forum: Texture Packs
Topic: Annahstas's Texture Packs (In Progress)
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This is awsome +6
by ajovicic1503
Sun Oct 06, 2013 17:24
Forum: Modding Discussion
Topic: Post your mod requests/ideas here
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Can some one make a MiniMap mod for Minetest pls.
by ajovicic1503
Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:11
Forum: Maps
Topic: help!how do i play a map?
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I have same problams.

Sorry for bad English.
by ajovicic1503
Sun Aug 04, 2013 15:03
Forum: Servers
Topic: Mega Modern House |3.0|(Processing) Help Me !
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I tryed to join but the loading stop's on "conecting to server".
I whaited 5 min. and stile show's "conecting to server".