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[Server] Minetest Nostalgia server [0.4.16]

PostPosted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 05:37
by VanessaE

VanessaE's Nostalgia Server, port 30002

IRC: Freenode channel #ve-minetest-servers

Admins: VanessaE, ShadowNinja, kaeza, cheapie, bulldog1 (and others as needed)

Server Status:

For detailed statistics regarding the performance of the server hardware, see


Hi folks, this is the New Minetest Nostalgia server. It is super fast, and is themed on Minetest from the 0.2.x and 0.3.x days, with a few additions here and there to make it a bit more interesting.

There are mobs, namely Dungeon Master, Oerkki and Rat.

This server shuts down briefly for backups at 5:00 am US Eastern time (11:00 am CET).

Software Version

This server runs Minetest from the official Github repository. Other branches/forks of Minetest may occasionally be used, for testing purposes. I recommend using Minetest 0.4.16 or newer, but older clients should work okay, as long as they're not TOO old, due to the simplicity of this server's game content.

This server has an extra mod which disallows entirely-numeric and "Foobar123456" types of names. Please choose a proper username when you sign on.

Building on this server:

You can build anything you want, anywhere you want, with the following guidelines: Near the spawn, please stick to serious, high-class structures only please. Pixel art and generally-artsy stuff should be kept away from the spawn.

If someone else has built in an area you wanted to use, do not build into or immediately above those structures, period! Even if the building looks vacant, don't touch it - there are no "abandoned" buildings here. Griefing any part of any structure is strictly forbidden.

Please keep your structures near a main road, but do not build right on the end of the road (e.g. if extending the road would go through your structure); if this isn't practical, or there is no road yet, please build one, or build a spur off an existing road somewhere and then build alongside that. Try to keep your roads straight and try make them run out past your structure so others can build further. Sky structures are welcome, but please build them up high enough so as not to obscure or cast shadows on anything below.

And please - REPLANT YOUR TREES! (Preferably with the same type as that which you cut down).

Land ownership:

See the forum topic for ShadowNinja's Advanced Area Protection Mod for instructions. The short version: to mark the area you want to claim, dig a few meters down in one corner of the area, and do /area_pos1. Then go to the opposite corner, fly up above the area, and do /area_pos2. Then do /protect <some description here> to actually claim the area.

If the area is too big, request areas_high_limit privilege from one of the admins, or just have them protect the area for you.


This server is primarily English-speaking.

Of course there are limited exceptions, for players who just can't speak English at all.

Freedom of speech is paramount here, but I do have some rules about it: 1. Don't harass anyone. 2. Hate speech, harrassment, etc. are absolutely not tolerated. 3. Leave your religion in your house of worship - this applies equally to in-game names as to your speech. 4. This server is not the ghetto, so take the rap-video trash-talk somewhere else.

  • The mt_nostalgia game
  • IRC
  • Server admin tools such as maptools, areas mod, worldedit, etc.

If you like this server, you should also check out Minetest Classic, which is darkrose's actively-developed fork of the 0.3.x-series Minetest engine. Please note that that engine, as beautiful as it is, does not work with 0.4.x servers.

The Minetest Nostalgia Game was originally maintained by Dan Duncombe.

Interactive Map of the Server (click image to open viewer):

This overview is located at:

Generated using est31's Leaf map generator and Rogier-5's fork of minetest's mapper.

Near the spawn, as of 2014-01-20

PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 09:12
by VanessaE
In order to clear out tons of old cruft out of my servers, I needed to clear out player inventories and accounts. In so doing, lots of legit players got caught up in the mess. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please, sign in once and either leave me a forum PM or a message on IRC, or send me a regular old fashioned Email, or just mention it here, and I'll restore your interact.

Inventories can be restored as well, if necessary.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:18
by VanessaE
Small update: I've adjusted the backup schedule of this server to occur at 10:00 am UTC (5:00 am EST) to better coincide with the quietest times my servers tend to experience. Also, for anyone interested, I've posted a publicly-accessible server stats page, here (updated once a minute):

PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:41
by VanessaE
The screenshot of the spawn area has been updated.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 13:03
by VanessaE
As these servers have picked up, I've found myself having to adjust my backup schedule to avoid knocking too many people off for the backup to occur. I've pushed the time back a few hours so that the backup cycle will now occur at 1:00 pm UTC (8:00 am EST).

PostPosted: Sat Feb 01, 2014 07:14
by VanessaE
Small update: backup schedule adjusted again to try to better coincide with the server's quietest times. It will now occur at 10:00 am UTC (5:00 am EST).

PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 15:02
by Azuna
My name on the server is plum. May I have interact VanessaE?

Re: [Server] Minetest Nostalgia! VanessaE's super-fast serve

PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 21:08
by Esteban
Thanks for this wonderful server! I love the style the game had back then.

May I ask, could you add something like the home mod? I live far away from spawn and I do not want to walk all the way back if I die.

Re: [Server] Minetest Nostalgia! VanessaE's super-fast serve

PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 21:39
by VanessaE
That's possible. Anyone feel like coding such a thing for this game? I'm not one for modding Nostalgia game, so I don't actually know how how it would work. ;-)

Re: [Server] Minetest Nostalgia! VanessaE's super-fast serve

PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 21:48
by Esteban

Re: [Server] Minetest Nostalgia! VanessaE's super-fast serve

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 06:16
by Dragonop
Interact please? :B

Re: [Server] Minetest Nostalgia! VanessaE's super-fast serve

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 07:31
by VanessaE
Interact granted.

Re: [Server] Minetest Nostalgia! VanessaE's super-fast serve

PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 16:47
by VanessaE
Notice to all users of my servers: I have changed the morning restart time to 1:30 am to better coincide with the slowest period my servers seem to experience lately. This change affects all of my servers.

Re: [Server] Minetest Nostalgia server [git]

PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 09:20
by VanessaE
The reboot time for this server has been shifted to 6:00 AM US Eastern Daylight time (11:00 AM CET).

Re: [Server] Minetest Nostalgia server [0.4.16]

PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 21:28
by VanessaE

Someone is redirecting traffic from IP address to my servers on

I don't know how, or why (it may be an attempt by someone to frame me for bot activity), but if you see that IP address in your logs, IT IS NOT FROM! Unless you all hear directly from me here or on IRC, my server's IP address is, and NOTHING else (to my knowledge).

If you suspect malicious activity from any IP, I highly advise you look up what host actually owns the IP address, ignore any domain name that seems (or is claimed) to be associated with the IP, and contact that host's abuse department. In this instance, that would be as they are the owners of the malicious IP address. I would appreciate it if you do not mention me or, since doing so may confuse the issue, and clearly neither I nor my servers are associated with any malicious activity of any kind.

I have already discussed the issue with my host and have raised an abuse complaint with the offending host.

I have not, to my recollection, authorized any redirects, proxies, alternate DNS services, other domain names, or any other unusual resources to point at my server, except as may pertain to individual minetest instances or services that I host for a few trusted individuals.