Onez' Minetest Server

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Onez' Minetest Server

by Zeno » Post

I never thought I'd see the day but a group of players has mined (legit) to the bottom of the world. Not only that but you can walk down (or back up) the entire distance.

At the beginning there was me (Zeno aka Onez), CWz, RedDog, SantaKlaus, deezl, and many others who I'm afraid I may have forgotten who began this public mine. We got to about -8000 before Macros took over and continued (with the help of others).

There are "base camps" along the way that contain stashes of essential items and trees and other crazy stuff. It's all very cool. Well done to all who participated! (I'm sorry if I didn't mention your name here and you did, but it's hard to keep track of).

Thanks also to all the players, who keep everything fun!

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Re: Onez' Minetest Server

by ExeterDad » Post

Wow! Well done! Now tell them to go topside and work on their tans.

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Re: Onez' Minetest Server

by DarkgarX » Post

Epic :) Nice textures.

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Re: Onez' Minetest Server

by shadowzone » Post

Hey Zeno`, I was looking at the forums when I saw this and came to say "WELL DONE, at making it to the bottom"

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Re: Onez' Minetest Server

by HeroOfTheWinds » Post

To quote the announcer on Smash Bros:
"WOW! Incredible!"

I really need to work on more CaveRealms stuff.... But college no let me. :(
I did see someone start a fork with "deep biomes" that replace the normal ones after a specific depth, perhaps I could put a spin on that...
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Back to college now, yay for sophomore year schedules. :P

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Re: Onez' Minetest Server

by sofar » Post

Now it's on to the (map) top?

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