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Re: Free PIZZA Server

by straffer » Post

Hello Vitaminx,
i returned to minetest after a long time.the first thing i did was connect to freepizzaserver,as i had a nice little house built.But i couldn't find my house at all.is this because of the server change?
i really want my house back cuz it took a really long time to build it.:(
i know it has been a long time since your last post,but.....i would like to get my house back

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Re: Free PIZZA Server

by JoshMars » Post

The server called "FREE PIZZA SERVER !!" is a new server based on the old one. Same mods (but updated) and same rules (basically none) and same configuration, just new.

The old free pizza is still hosted by jjb and is called "Free PIZZA". You should be able to find your house there

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Re: .

by Richgirl*7* » Post

Uh...so you guys probably won't remember me but I used to play on free pizza server a lot and I really miss that server :') but I don't really think I'll get a reply to this because the last reply was in 2016 but it's been a year since sono (SONOFSATAN) died and I really miss him a lot and I miss all of the free pizza server players too.


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