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Hello,and welcome to the forum post regarding Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Server! This server is based on the game "Five Nights At Freddy's",which if you don't know any thing about,go google it. We currently have mods that introduce all of the animatronics,and their respective spawn eggs and spawner blocks.
The rules are as follows
1)No Griefing. If you didn't make it,don't break or take it!
2)No spamming. Nobody likes spammers
3)No hacking. The ban hammer will be called upon if you do.
4)No spamming spawn eggs/blocks! for your own personal use,you may have 1-3 of each animatronic only.
5)Don't touch the animatronics that don't belong to you!
For anyone who would like to argue these rules,it's simple. You can be banned at any time without notice
Now that we are all on the same page,feel free to connect

abrilcita<3 :3
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Re: FreddyTest[0.4.12]

by abrilcita<3 :3 » Post

I try to connect a server you and I could not

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Re: FreddyTest[0.4.12]

by OldCoder » Post

Are the mods Open Source? If so, where may copies be obtained? I'd be pleased to try them.

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