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by redblade7 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 07:35

The bees mod previously mentioned, which for a while I was able to stop crashing at the expense of the beehives being broken, has now been replaced with the nobees mod, which replaces beehives with tree stumps, and other bees mod items with stumps, wood, and honey blocks.

Note that this does not affect the bees that go hopping around, which you can craft into the more realistic looking hives that produce honey drops, which may be eaten or crafted into honey blocks. This is from the well-maintained mobs_redo animal mod.

This will make both Gardens and Farms overall faster and more stable. Thanks to LDH for putting the nobees mod together (I contributed to the code as well).

Additionally, there were some changes to the mesecons on Creative Gardens:

Several months ago, I put in the mese_restriction mod. This prevents abused, misused, and lag-causing mesecon items from being used without a "mesemaker" privilege. Installing this however had no effect on 2+ years worth of existing laggy mesecons machines. So I spent all night using Worldedit to clear out the banned mesecon items from tens-hundreds of millions of selected blocks at a time from the older-settled areas. This, combined with the bees removal, will speed things up over time.

There is a problem though - unremovable parts of pistons remain. If you run into one and it's a problem for you, ask me and I will worldedit it out.
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