[0.3.1] Redcrab's Minetest Server

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Re: [0.3.1] Redcrab's Minetest Server

by redcrab » Thu Mar 26, 2015 17:59

0.3.1 is back ... from its tombstone ... enjoy ;)

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Re: [0.3.1] Redcrab's Minetest Server

by stormchaser3000 » Mon Mar 30, 2015 22:08

redcrab: can i be an admin. this server has been verry neglected. and griefers log in all the time. i want to build a spawn and spawn town. also. would be nice if the build priv was not default. if there were some trstable modderators or admins on the server. a no build priv by default server might be good idea.

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Re: [0.3.1] Redcrab's Minetest Server

by Walmirzinho » Sun Jun 07, 2015 14:55

Hello Redcrab!
I really wanna make an post of this:an griefer destroyed my house and it is called gabrielito.

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Re: [0.3.1] Redcrab's Minetest Server

by Pedrester » Mon Jun 19, 2017 22:41

Is it still possible to login? I cant seem to be able to for some reason...

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Re: [0.3.1] Redcrab's Minetest Server

by Sokomine » Tue Jun 20, 2017 20:21

I tried to run - and when that failed, compile - a very old version from 2013. It didn't compile anymore. Maybe I need to start searching for other, not quite as old but still working versions. It would be really great if Redcrabs server could be used with current clients.
A list of my mods can be found here.

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Re: [0.3.1] Redcrab's Minetest Server

by Andrey01 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 16:20

I did not see that server. Furthermore the one uses very old version - 0.3.1! Redcrab, please, update the server and connect it and then i will visit it.


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