Server Ask!

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Server Ask!

by NandoV2 » Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:09

I have A Question To Everyone

Someone Can You Make A Server For My And My Dad? Please I Cant Make It:( Someone Please Help!

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Re: Server Ask!

by srifqi » Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:53

Do you mean for local server? If yes, it's actually very easy. Assuming you are using Windows.
  • Just set a Wi-Fi or a router or any acces point.
  • Connect both devices into same place.
  • Choose a device to be the server.
  • Open Minetest.
  • Create a world for your server.
  • Next, there are two options:
    • By command line (no graphics at all, just text)
      • Open your Minetest folder.
      • Enter bin directory.
      • Right-click on empty space.
      • Click "Open command window here".
      • Type "minetest --server --worldname <worldname>" (without quotes) then press Enter.
    • By Minetest Main Menu (you also play there)
      • Open "Server" tab.
      • Select your world.
      • Uncheck "Public" (because you just want to create a local server.
      • Enter username and password. (auto-register if user doesn't exist)
      • Start Game.
  • Once your server has run, you can connect to your server.
  • If you were choosing to create server by Minetest Main Menu, you can play there. If not, open Minetest and go to "Client" tab. Enter as address and 30000 as port.
  • Click Start, type "cmd" then press Enter.
  • Type "ipconfig /all", then press Enter.
  • Find for "IP Address" for your connection. That's your IP Address for your server.
  • For other devices which want to connect:
    • Open Minetest.
    • Go to "Client" tab.
    • Enter your server IP Address as address and 30000 as port.
    • Enter username and password. (auto-register if user doesn't exist)
    • Click "Connect".

Because you don't specify your device specification, so I assume you're using Windows.

Hope it helps! Correct me if I'm wrong.
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