Barkhouse Survival Server

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Barkhouse Survival Server

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Server Status: Running

Barkhouse is a Minetest survival server that offers a friendly and inclusive gaming environment for players of all ages and skill levels. In addition to the usual gathering resources, building, walking around and discovering new locations, we have built and/or implemented additional interactive features in an attempt to add depth and history to the world. We have done (and do) this to encourage and give incentive for exploration beyond finding a nice spot for ones house and gather resources.

We try to accomplish this by laying down infrastructure for players to take advantage of in their adventures. Among other things, we have an extensive World Road system that stretches for miles in all directions and a teleporter pad that can quickly take you far from spawn (if you'd rather not walk). The roads are hand crafted to fit and blend into the scenery. Along the roads you will find anyything from player houses and server structures (everything from tiny to monumental ones) that contain features like puzzles, dungeons and other types of challenges.

In short, the Barkhouse server tries to supply, in addition to the usual Minetest activities, new and not-so-common activities for players to do while inhabiting the world.

The main goal of the Barkhouse server, is to be an original and in certain ways unique contribution to the already large list of impressive and exciting Minetest servers out there.

+ Spoiler
Webmap(not currently available)

Current features include (but are not limited to):
  • Treasure chests hidden around the server(@anywhere). Each treasure chest can be opened once by every player.
  • Centralized server and player shops (@spawn) Player shops can of course be set up anywhere as well.
  • Credit exchange / Bank (@spawn) – Valuable resources can be traded for Credits, the in-game currency
  • Golden coins have a 1/150 chance of dropping when mining obsidian
  • The Server Lottery with fabolous prizes (1 Golden Coin to participate)
  • Challenges with rewards at the end (@anywhere) – Look for “World Areas” to find them.
  • The spectacular Giant Nyancat (follow the world road north to the first intersection, and follow signs from there)
  • Fighting Arena with spectators seats, a restaurant and VIP section.
  • Extensive road systems with road signs that glue it all together
Other planned features are:
  • Challenge players to a fight in the Arena (when someone is up for the job of coding it, or I learn to do it myself)
  • Static NPC's with dialog to add a life and history to the world
  • +++
Practical Info
The server rules are available in-game. There aren't many, but all players are expected to read and understand them.

Spawn is organized in such a way that players ought to find everything they commonly need/require from a spawn area in immediate proximity. This includes the rulebook, starting gear, shops, teleporters, community farm, useful tips and more. There are also a number of treasure chests hidden around spawn, so be sure to keep your eyes open!

World areas
As previously mentioned, Barkhouse tries to be a server where players can go on adventures to solve puzzles, find treasure and discover interesting builds and areas, in addition to building their own builds. The amount of features like treasures, dungeons, puzzles etc. is steadily growing and will continue to do so.
Areas containing these types of features, are all defined as “world areas” (this be indicated in the lower left corner of your screen, by stating that “world” owns the given area).

In other words, if you find yourself in a world area, it might be worth having an extra look around for stuff to interact with and/or loot.

World Roads
At spawn you will find the “Spawn Intersection” where all World Roads start. World Roads are supposed to be a help for players to explore the world, orient themselves in the landscape, and to more easily discover new and/or unvisited World Areas.

World Roads are under constant construction and expansion, and we encourage players to connect their properties to them, although this is not by any means required.

Your first house
As you will soon discover, most areas surrounding spawn are protected (with exception to the community farm and the player shop area). Therefore, a teleporter has been set up that will teleport you at least 1000 blocks away from spawn in any direction. We recommend to use this teleporter (located in the haystack) to get away from spawn to build your first house, unless you prefer to walk using the World Roads (or even off track). As long as you remember to set your home when you find the location you want to start building, you can easily travel back and forth from spawn by issuing the /home and /spawn commands.

General building guidelines
For us to make any demands in build type or quality is unfair and not very stimulating for creativity. For those reasons, anyone is free to build anything anywhere as long as they don't ruin it for others. All players are encouraged to leave buildings accessible to the public for exploration and admiration.

We (the admins) might suggest moving a build that we deem in the way of a planned world area or some other build with great potential. We will usually only do this after conferring with the original builder of the structure, and after helping the player find a new and possibly even better location for their build. If the player has been absent from the server for a longer period of time, the build might get moved without his or her approval. In this scenario we will notify the builder by in-game e-mail.

Note: All moved/removed builds are saved, and can be loaded at a later time.

Common courtesy
Players are expected to treat each other with respect and decency.
Shouting at other players just for visiting your house is no fun, nor does it create a good atmosphere. If you don't want other players in your house, then you can simply lock the door and protect it. There is no need to make a big deal about it when someone is curious to see what you've built. Take it as a compliment! After all, sharing your work is what Minetest is all about.

If you don't get along with someone, then just stay away from them and/or ignore them. If someone is bothering you or are being inappropriate in any way, please notify an admin as soon as possible. We do not tolerate this sort of behavior.

There are three administrators on the server; malah, Gold and me. We try to be as helpful as we can, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Many mods are installed, including the "barkhouse"-mod. An exhaustive list will be posted here in time. In the meantime, please log in to the server and type /mods to see the overview.

The Minetest developers – Thank you for creating such a lovely game. We have so much fun developing and maintaining this server, and are very excited about the future (of Minetest). Keep up the amazing work!

Mort (thefamilygrog66) – For creating the excellent Treasure Chest mod and helping with the development of The Lottery.

Sokomine - For all her great work in creating cool and useful mods and other contributions to the community, and especially her taking an interest in our server and taking the time to build, interact with players and give feedback to us. Her input has been invaluable.

The rest of the mod developers – What would Minetest be without your creative modifications. Our server wouldn't be all that interesting without them, that's for sure.

The rest of the Minetest community - You're a truly inspiring bunch of people.
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Re: Barkhouse Survival Server

by Sokomine » Post

bark wrote:
Making builds that have content both on the outside and inside.
Putting a lot of effort into landscaping and "natural paths"
Making it intuitive and easy to find paths/roads leading to cool stuff (with minimal use of travelnets)
Making the builds that look nice from all angles, not from just from one or two sides.
Placement and spacing out the big builds is important.
and also to make it look nice in between them. They should be in coherence with "nature".
Using the builds for exciting themes, features and tasks to be explored by adventurers.
Many of these rules ought to apply to all buildings anywhere. Yet very few players value the landscape and preserve or even improve it.
bark wrote: Builds should be spaced out, and should be coherent with the landscape (i.e. think long and hard before flattening an entire area and ruining the landscape to build a giant square building or something similarly boring)
I'm not sure if I agree on the "spaced out" aspect as that leads to a lot of land beeing needed and people having to run around a lot. It might be sufficient to take a look at what your neighbours have built and adjust a bit to that style. Like in cities. Free-standing houses are a diffrent matter. But even they can sometimes be enriched by something that just fits in there.
bark wrote: Ugly builds that are in the way (or blocking the view) of potential greatness, will be worldedited to another location. To avoid having your building removed, go far from spawn (at least 1000 blocks away).
I felt like hiding ugly boxes which where blocking the view from/to my houses by sinking them into the ground sometimes. Seems like a very reasonable rule you're putting up there.
bark wrote: More great builds
Might be difficult to achieve as you've cited very high standars here which are way above what most players can reach.
bark wrote: Static NPC's with dialog to add a life and history to the world (also needs to be coded)
Sounds very exciting. There's a mob talker mod or something similar around,'s all not really much developed yet.

If I got that right, your server seems to focuss on a very nice, consistent landscape with adventures for the normal players beeing the main goal (them beeing left out of the usual building process). Perhaps my appartment mod could be helpful there. Just add a few rows of apartment houses underground so that players have a place cloes to spawn where they can store their materials, melt their ores, get a good night's sleep...or just add space below the surface where anyone can build in a tiny spot to his/her liking.
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Re: Barkhouse Survival Server

by bark » Post

Thank's a lot for your thorough feedback, Sokomine! I have completely rewritten the server thread, as I have realised the original text was a lot more excluding rather than including and inviting. It did not reflect how I want the server to be perceived.

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Re: Barkhouse Survival Server

by Chem871 » Post

I like this server.
What is SCP-055?

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Re: Barkhouse Survival Server

by Sokomine » Post

It's a very nice server. Searching for the hidden treasure chests is a lot of fun. I'm glad it's up again after I havn't seen it for a while.
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