[Down] Skyblock server

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Re: Skyblock server

by Cpt_mcg » Fri Aug 04, 2017 01:01

angelo1123_ wrote:What if we can rehost it

'We'....explain 'We' lol. Also, I don't know :P
xD I'm a weird gamer, I cannot help it :P
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Re: Skyblock server

by angelo1123_ » Fri Aug 04, 2017 01:02

I'm in my holiday home rn and I actually have a computer so I guess if u get the world download I can rehost it somehow
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Re: Skyblock server

by Yamanaku » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:45

sad...but i understand the reasons, i would have done the same

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Re: Skyblock server

by ABJ » Mon Aug 07, 2017 15:59

Have you guys actually been reading sufficiently about CSM?

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Re: Skyblock server

by paramat » Fri Aug 11, 2017 09:34

Cpt_mcg wrote:"with minetest officially supporting hacked clients via devs actions and statements, I can't support the project by devoting resources to it, it's a no brainer"~From shivajiva himself. I found it very depressing when I found out the news.

That quote is shivajiva's misunderstanding of the situation combined with understandable frustration with the problems on the server, i doubt s/he thinks the same now, as s/he has been talking to us on IRC and understands things better now.

The issue thread is https://github.com/minetest/minetest/issues/6114 and has many misunderstandings. The request was for detection of altered clients, but this is no protection because a clients identity can be easily faked through hacking, essentially the request was for a clientside solution but anything clientside can be hacked to bypass the protection, so we refused to implement the request. The misunderstandings caused some to believe we didn't want to solve hacking problems.

We obviously do not support hacked clients, and are thinking hard about serverside improvements to anticheat, especially validation of fly and noclip. It's going to be a difficult thing to do. One dev (est31) has already worked on a PR many months ago, but it has problems.

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Re: Skyblock server

by shivajiva » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:42


The quote is not a misunderstanding of development, rather a clarification that the ethos of trusting the client is flawed. Work on CSM should have been deferred to engineer a solution for client prediction/ server reconciliation of all movement in my opinion, rather than adding bells and whistles to something that can be used to totally disrupt a server.

It's fair to say that development do and have listened and improved the security model, just that last leap to make. Until it's done, imo development is supporting hackers by omission, refusing to design, accept and roadmap a solution. This is partly due to the lack of developers, time and desire at this point in the project, nothing they or I can do anything about.

Despite me taking Skyblocks down, I have not left minetest and remain active, security focussed and to that end I have released two mods, an auth handler and ban mod that use sqlite database storage. Both represent an improvement to the existing systems and are designed to make server owners lives easier.

Lastly, let me make it clear that I do want to run a server, I'd like to put skyblocks back up and continue developing the gamehub concept but certain events this year have dovetailed me into protecting the server and the map from exposure to hacking. You can decide for yourself who or what is at fault in this scenario.

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Re: [Down] Skyblock server

by paramat » Sun Oct 15, 2017 02:15

> a clarification that the ethos of trusting the client is flawed.

That i can agree with.
Deferring CSM work would not have necessarily meant server checking of movement would have been done earlier, however i agree that it is higher priority.

> development is supporting hackers by omission

This statement is unreasonable like your quote was, we never 'support hackers', but yes more should be done, and should have been done earlier.

> refusing to design, accept and roadmap a solution.

All untrue. A contributor is working on this (serverside movement PR), we discuss it, accept it and want it, and i and some other devs consider it a high priority. Celeron55 has even stated he might work on it, considering he usually doesn't do MT dev work this is significant.

I agree that CSM was added too early before server controls (flavours) were added, and it is the case that older clients (0.5.16 stable) can bypass these flavours. I assume this is what you mean by hacking having become worse recently.
Luckily 0.5.0 brings a break of compatibility with old clients so you will be able to enforce these flavour controls without 'blocking old clients'.

I guess that hacking has become worse recently due to Minetest's increasing popularity and the explosion of mobile players using nasty Android forks.


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