Minetest railcarts and other features

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Minetest railcarts and other features

by dellodp » Post

Hi everyone I am new to this Minetest was recommended by a friend who cant run minecraft so I decided to give it a try.

First of all I think the game has some very good features but I am puzzled how minetest allows for rail track and powered railtrack but you cant build or use minecarts??

Will this be sorted out soon or will I have to revert back to using minecraft where this is already possible aswell as pre built villages in survival mode etc??

Please dont think I am slagging the game off as I think it has alot of good features, I'm just saying I can't see me playing it for long if small things like this are not going to be addressed.

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by Calinou » Post

Railcarts would be extremely hard to code; 3D models would probably also be needed.

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by Jordach » Post

Actually not, all you need is a BLOCK ENTITY, MUCH LIKE SAND, second, a chest like drawtype, so you can have wheels on both sides, and finally, some code.
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by sfan5 » Post

Wrong Section
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