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[Server] IFS (IhrFussel's Server)

PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 13:12
by IhrFussel
Hello dear Minetest players!

I want to introduce you to my MMO-esque server.

Server Spawn



My server has a large amount of features. The following are only the major ones, there are many more smaller features to try/explore still.

Level System


Each player starts with level 1 and gains experience points (EXP) from mining, building, killing monsters, completing quests and PvP. If they gained enough EXP they will level up.
A level up increases max HP and attack damage.


Players and tamed mobs regain HP slowly over time outside of battles.
You can also craft or buy HP Potions to heal quicker.


This server features lots of commands.
Type /help all and /commands to list them.



My server contains a lot of different monsters that have different strengths too.
The stars next to the name tag tell you how strong the baddie is (more stars = more power).

There is a mini-boss called "Evil Wolf" too that spawns very rarely on grassland. If you defeat it, you will be rewarded rainbow ingots. Low level players are ignored by it, unless they attack it first.


Additionally you can tame and level up your own tamed mobs to increase their HP.
Some mob types will even act as a companion and help you fight bad monsters.


PvP is OFF by default.
To toggle between on/off type /pvp in the chat.


If 2 or more players have PvP enabled they can use this dangerous PvP Arena to fight it out!

Lucky Block Area


Send /lba in the chat to get to that area. The Lucky Block Area is THE place to open lucky blocks. You can get some for free once in a while (send /lb to get some blocks).

FuMa Mall


The FuMa Mall is the official server mall where you can buy most items with steel ingots. Got no steel ingots? No problem, you can exchange certain other items for steel ingots too.

Chat Channels

There are multiple chat channels, to distribute the topics more

You can join one via /join CHANNEL
(available channels are main, rp, rp2, rp3, games, love, r1 to r5 and notalk)
The Main channel is the default channel.

The chat features an Auto Translation that recognizes and translates many languages into English in real-time.

Server Events

The server features several events that happen based on the ingame weekday and time:

    - Boss Battle
    - EXPx2
    - Rare Item Rain
    - Monster Battle
    - Blood Night
    - Orc Invasion
    - Death Match
    - Find the node

More to be added soon ... for details about the events use the command /events


Send /rules in the game to read them.

English is not your native language? Just send /rules LANG to get them in another language
(example: /rules de for German)

How to connect?

Port: 25000

Discord Server:


The server runs on a root server and should be available 24/7 (unless a backup, update or critical error happens).

Spec Requirements

My server requires about 700 MB RAM and should work on most computers/devices.

Change Log

+ Spoiler

[Server] IhrFussel's Server - Some Introductions

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 22:14
by muhdnurhidayat
Updated on 10 October 2017 6:30PM (UTC+8)
Reason: Update city list...

Dear players, welcome to IhrFussel's Server! :D I'm muhdnurhidayat, one of the moderators on the server and I've written a few sets of information that might be useful to you. It does not really matter if you read or not, because these are all in-game too, but the information here are more detailed. Since some of the information would be quite long, I've moved them into a few spoilers. NEW: The server now has in-game time based event!

Important people that could help you in the server
Server Owner & Admin :

Moderators :
Silph, laira, muhdnurhidayat, AriaJade, Ryan-cute, mitten, MerleManga, Neon, carlyn, Cursedragon

Helpers :
Shara, neri2, Bergwerkszwerg

Recent server changes could be seen in the first post!

Last 5 player announcements:
    (by Burma6824_s-ghost, 1451 h 13 m ago)
    (by Burma6824_s-ghost, 1424 h 6 m ago)
  3. Who wants to help make my latest mini-game, Battlefield, tp to me if u do
    (by Burma6824_s-ghost, 1408 h 57 m ago)
  4. Players:Please check Fuma Mall before requesting items, fuma mall has armor,electronics,food,tools and home decor type 'FuMa Mall' in the main chat to teleport
    (by mitten, 1325 h 37 m ago)
  5. Have been on holiday back now!
    (by mitten, 361 h 48 m ago)

Informative information separated in spoilers:
+ The server overview website

+ Events (NEW!) & minigames

+ Coloured player name


+ Shop system

+ City introductions

+ The Spawn Area

+ The PVP Arena

+ Battle Arena

+ The Tutorial

+ Public Mine & Farm

+ Server Teleport

+ Others

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 08:03
by Neon
Made a quick little build to share with the organizational efforts of some really good builders.

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 05:49
by muhdnurhidayat
I think I'm going to introduce some cities from the server, or display some useful commands, or put some Q&A in my previous post. For city introductions, I'll ask city owners if they have something to add too... Q&A would consists of questions that asked a lot of times...

What do others think about this idea?

EDIT: This part was the original post that I wrote in the first reply, I moved it here to give space to do the introduction & Q&A at that post.

I think it would be nice to include some screenshots, it doesn't matter to put screenshots inside or outside a spoiler... put maybe like some images of the spawn tower? :D

You can also include screenshots of creative buildings that were built by players on the server. :3 I saw many such buildings while walking around in the server.

+ Edit: oh, look... it's giant IhrFussel model in boomcity... :D

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 07:06
by Neon
Down by the Neon Spaceport, this photo was taken of a massive quadrupedal spider.
+ Spoiler

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 20:02
by muhdnurhidayat
I've added more details to the second post.

Anyway, @Neon ... if you have some time, do screenshots of the spawn, the tutorial buildings and PVPA... xD I can't seem to hide the on-screen control on Android Minetest even though I've hidden huds and chats, as seen on the current screenshots.

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 23:05
by muhdnurhidayat
I've noted about missing images in my post, the second post, and I'll sort that out after I wake up, I'm feeling very sleepy now and I want to sleep (I know it's 7AM at my place but I haven't sleep)

The images went missing because my website was down (lol). I'll move them to an image hoster website or move them to my backup website, I'll sort it out late.

I will also update more informations once I wake up, so stay tuned and good night (at 7AM lol).

EDIT: I've reuploaded images. I'll add more informations later.

EDIT2: I'm not able to play correctly in these few days because my internet is lagging too much.

EDIT3: The information has been updated! :D

EDIT4: THe information has been updated once again! :D

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 19:30
by MerleManga
Ladys and gentlemen,

we present you the Futuristic Race Track :D



~Built by IhrFussel and MerleManga

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 06:53
by muhdnurhidayat
MerleManga wrote:Ladys and gentlemen,
we present you the Futuristic Race Track :D
~Built by IhrFussel and MerleManga

That's a very good track ever built! xD
Don't forget the screenshot of the horses, lol.


anyway, I've edited the second post again, to keep it updated as in-game:
- renamed Dubai to United Arab Emirates
- added AzureCity, Silver Sand City, South Valley & FuMa Mall to city list
- added mitten to moderator list
- removed MiedoNoche from helpers list
- added AliCatt, MerleManga to helpers list

Additionally, I've started to take screenshot and will write introductions for each cities. I'll not write them here, but I'll write on my website (link coming soon). It's because it will take up so many spaces of this thread upon finishing writing of all cities.

Ignore my on-screen buttons though, I can't hide them on Android Minetest even though I never used the buttons (as I use keyboard & mouse, not touching the screen)... I tried deleting the "base" folder in texture folder but it gets recreated on next start of the app.

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 15:23
by MerleManga
Okay, haha, here it is, our little horse race track. :D




~Built by IhrFussel, muhdnurhidayat and MerleManga

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 20:01
by MerleManga
IhrFussel and me built a little cinema in our shopping mall. (FuMa Mall) :D


~Built by IhrFussel and MerleManga

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 09:28
by muhdnurhidayat
I'll join in less than usual because I'm trying to balance mobile internet quota while I'm in progress of writing about Minetest in my blog using the same mobile internet quota. I'll also write about IhrFussel's Server later when I have enough time, and I'll write about each of the cities in the server too (I've taken a few city screenshots to use on the blog posts).

For now, you can read the brief history of how I know Minetest on my blog. It started with Multicraft though, as that app is the one (indirectly) introduced me to Minetest.

Now, let's look back at the old times on IhrFussel's Server:
(9 Dec 2016) LMNP kicked himself to test the kick command when he becomes mod.

(29 Dec 2016) While unicamerally asks some questions, AriaJade has been answering all of them correctly. (also, look what Fionajaynee write to answer his question)

(29 Dec 2016) Nice job, server! xD -- the command is /lovemeter NAME1 NAME2

EDIT: Also, I've just received the Minetest Wiki account creation email... which means I'm also starting to translate the official Wiki. So yeah, even more needs to be balance out. xD

EDIT2 (26 Apr 2017 11:36AM) : I've updated moderators and helpers list again to keep it updated as in-game, moved MerleManga from helpers list to moderators list, removed chantal123, lukas and Super_Girl_Dasa_ from helpers list and removed jujujl and Zurul from moderators list.

EDIT3 (30 Apr 2017 03:47AM) : I've included latest screenshot of game server overview website in the post.

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2017 18:41
by MerleManga
Public farm walls glowing so beautiful at night. ^^


Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 12:59
by muhdnurhidayat
MerleManga wrote:Public farm walls glowing so beautiful at night. ^^

Oh, that's a very nice screenshot! :D

Even though I post 2 days late,

That's right, it has been a year since the server is online, though I only started playing on this server around half year after it goes online. xD From small world with limited items when the server is on VPS, to the server migration into Dedicated Server which allowed increased world limits, added many new mods and now even have weather mod installed! Watch out for the lightning when it is raining in game!

The area protection is now more than 6000, and counting up, more players are protecting their areas with the commands position1 (/p1), position2 (/p2), protect (/protect) and even more are sharing their areas with the commands select area (/sa), add owner (/ao), colaborating together to build something.

Now for recent updates:
1. A new server rule has been added, send /rules to re-read them (by IhrFussel, 593 h 29 m ago)
2. Server version has been updated to newest -dev (by IhrFussel, 388 h 55 m ago)
3. United Arab Emirates is currently closed! because its under cunstruction :D (by Firas, 182 h 14 m ago)
4. You can now send and receive Offline Messages via the website (by IhrFussel, 166 h 37 m ago)
5. City Index Building near to spawn is now opened, you can go there from Server Teleport or walk via Spawn's North Road (by muhdnurhidayat, 66 h 0 m ago)

And recent server changes:
03/05/2017 : Moved /om and /myom from Lua to bot (nothing changed)
06/05/2017 : Replaced broken castle mod, improved Idle Calculation
08/05/2017 : Optimized some code, made "last login" when joining more descriptive, the server will remember /hide now until restart
09/05/2017 : Reduced /pets cooldown time by a lot, improved server website

I've updated the second post to reflect this new updates and changes, also updated the city list where "Small City" is removed since the owner did not build anything other than his house even after a few months, thus violating the rule to be added as "city" on the server. Also updated is the moderators list (Jesslyna is removed due to missing in action for too long) and the helpers list (Unlimited-Gamer and FaceofBoe are added) to keep the list in par with in-game list.

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 19:11
by MerleManga
Fussel and me share a home now. ^^


Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 20:25
by Andrey01
I see this is specific server with rare mods and other textures.

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2017 20:24
by muhdnurhidayat
Andrey01 wrote:I see this is specific server with rare mods and other textures.

The texture is actually Summerfields but some textures are removed so original texture will appear in place (eg. ladders). Summerfields is listed in Minetest Website as one of popular texture packs, its forum topic is here.

The server also has auto-translation of chats and custom chat groups.

The auto-translation really helps us (moderators) to control the environment when someone writing in languages other than English, as players are free to use any language in chat. Some people has been shouting for helps in their native languages.

Custom chat groups is there to separate players who want to roleplay, to talk random stuffs or to play games (eg. hide and seek) from flooding the main chats. The server overview website will display chats from all groups.

We welcome anyone to join the server, regardless origin countries, races or religions. :D

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2017 15:34
by muhdnurhidayat
I announce this 3 days late, but
Map generation limit has now increased from 10,000 to 15,000 :D
This means more areas could be explored, look for new rivers, new caves, new place to build houses/cities and more! Beware with monsters btw.

Other recent updates:
1. "Helper chance" system replaced with "Helper score" system. Plus, the system will also state why your helper score is low so you can improve yourself to even be eligible to be considered to be helper.

Selected older updates re-explained:
1. "Reduced /pets cooldown time" - You can request for pets using the command /pets and the usual cooldown time was 24 hours before getting another pets. It is now reduced to only 3 hours.

2. "the server will remember /hide now until restart" - The command /hide will hide your nametag and you can show it back with /show. While you're hiding your nametag, usually your nametag will be visible again if you suddenly lost connection and reconnect, but now it will remember so your nametag will remain hidden after reconnect, unless it is server restart.

Second post updates:
- Updating moderators list (removed lana) to keep updated as in-game list
- Updating helpers list (added Baby_Katniss) to keep updated as in-game list
- Updating changelog (removed one oldest log, added two new logs)
- Updating city list (new cities added: Californiafields, Coolgirl)

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2017 09:05
by muhdnurhidayat
Please excuse me for posting three posts in a row (lol), most players on the server don't reply on forum that much. :3

New! Server Events! :D

The server now has events based on in-game time. There are currently three events, Double EXP, Rare Item Rain and Monster Battle. Look at the chat (either in-game or through "server overview" website) when these events are happening and join us! Each events lasts for 28 in-game minutes.

Other new feature: There is also chat-based minigame, Guess The Word. Join in games channel by sending command /join games then send the commands /newgame to start the game. Anyone can participate, just write the word in chat, the bot can pick it up if it is correct or partial correct. :D

Recent server changes (these are also included in the second post):
20/05/2017 : The nametag color will be green for 10 seconds now when a player sends a public message, added /notp and /yestp to disable/enable teleport requests
21/05/2017 : Added a vote system for muting bad players when no helper/moderator is available (/mute NAME | DO NOT ABUSE)
22/05/2017 : Moved stamina bar to the right, new feature introduced: Server Events based on ingame time

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2017 16:09
by IhrFussel
Our Swimming Pool.

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2017 11:34
by MerleManga
What's he looking at?


IhrFussel's Server - Little Japan

PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2017 23:44
by muhdnurhidayat
I'm just sharing current plan of my city on the server. (In case you don't know, Little Japan is my city)

Do note that the server did not have real train mod installed because it's too heavy, believe me that it's indeed heavy as I've used it in both singleplayer and multiplayer (I only get 1 FPS on certain server which uses train mod). It might cause lag on the clients as IhrFussel's Server is targeted to all device and many players play on mobile phones. Even if there's no train mod, I'm still making an underground train system using carts.

This is the planning of the underground train system in Little Japan:
I can't draw properly on Android, lol. I missed the time when I could use GIMP for drawing, before the laptop dead.

The old train system of Hikari Line is cancelled and new system being built. For now, Hikari Line only connects between St. Mary Church and An Nur Masjid, which is actually just neighbour.

The old train system of Kurayami Line is still operating, but it is broken at town hall which means you can't get to the other stations after town hall from both directions. It will be cancelled once Hikari Line is fully operating on new train system. The line was broken because Town Hall station was originally the main station but it is being shifted to the new Central Station. After the shift, Town Hall will only available in Hikari Line, but you could change to Kurayami Line at Central Station.

The other lines did not exists yet, but it will be build in phases after both Hikari and Kurayami Line gets upgraded to new system. The old system has very small station platform and one rail, which will be upgraded to acceptable station platform with two rails.

Boukennomichi Line will only have one rail because it will run alongside the existing 3000-ish blocks long Boukennomichi Tunnel for cars (the tunnel which connects Little Japan to MelonCity, Little Japan Iceland and Spawn's North Road - yup, the North Road we all familiar with!). The reason it runs alongside existing tunnel is because I don't want to expand the tunnel protection or make new tunnel for the rail alone as the tunnel goes in between many player's protection and there's no room for new tunnel without bump into player's protection. Those protections usually go deep until y=-500 afaik, and the tunnel is at y=-40.

This is the old system with one rail, built from the early days of Little Japan:

This two rail is the new system:
The 3 blocks wide in the middle is something like barrier between the two rails when it's getting near to stations, because the carts could "overcross" the rail if it's just 1 or 2 blocks wide especially when the client is lagging. The powered rail is only put on some distance and not all along rails to avoid the cart getting out of control if client is lagging.

You can try the new system even if it's just 2 stations for now. xD

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 19:05
by MerleManga
Should we eat it? :O


~Built by IhrFussel and MerleManga

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 20:29
by muhdnurhidayat
It's 4:30AM here and while I didn't play for a few days because of real-life, I was informed of some news directly from fussel:

He has created a Tutorial Island
Players below level 10 now have to stay there and learn the server/game mechanics

Also, recent changes
- new mod "abriflame" : Colorful fire
- new node "Ice Brick" (usable with the saw)
- the higher your level the more you get when crafting
- adjusted Blood Night code to prevent it from happening a lot

I will probably joining game after I get up, if it's not too late for 3PM work (lol). I'm going to sleep now...

Re: [Server] IhrFussel's Server

PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 14:05
by angelo1123_
Goodnight xD