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[Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 18:01
by ektor
Hi, I'm trying to create a Minetest server.
Basic rules: respect others simply, thank you :)

== Connect ==
Name: Minaventure
Port: 30000

I made a nice spawn:

== Mods: ==
Essentially spawn, unified_inventory and areas.

Added the mod simple_skin, which allows with a simple

Code: Select all

in the chat to choose an appearance. Coupled with the F7 key, one can thus change and see what one looks like.

Added mods: mobs_redo, mobs_animals and mobs_monstres to populate the map a little and have more options of food.

Speaking of food, also adding mod farming_plus.

So you know how protect a piece of land ? you type

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/area_pos set1 x y z

Code: Select all

/area_pos set2 x y z

Code: Select all


Here, there, I think also change the HUD to put the bars rather than the small drawings, and add the sprint.
A few passages, but for now there is no crowd: D
PVP activated.
It's a Map gen Valleys, that's a nice thing.

You will find it under the name Minaventure, address
Come, mine, build, survive and fight.
Test it, and if you know, tell me how to improve its performance ;)

The spawn expands with roads leading into the free zone in the four directions (N, E, S, O). Indeed, on 100 / -100 in x, y and z, the zone of spawn is protected ... Perhaps it is excessive, and if serious players want to build in this zone, it can be "open".

If when you connect, you're in the 0,0,0 point, it's an error. I don't know why sometimes it's happen. Just type

Code: Select all

in the chat console.

And, sorry for my english if there is mistakes... See you soon :)

Re: [Server] Minaventure [SEM02]

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 07:19
by ektor
This week again changes and improvements: (sorry but for the previous news, it's only in french, here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=16309#p246054)

First of all the spawn is of sandstone bricks rather than glass. It has also been furnished with elements of the mod X-decor, to get an entry idea of what it is possible to do.

For the mods part, additions and withdrawals, always to improve the player or admin experience.
Removing the IRC mod, suspected of making the autocompletion malfunction (but apparently it's not that). If it is not involved, it will be handed over.

To improve the player gameplay:
- adding x-decor Its improve buildings things. Thanks to jp (kilbith) for being on the server to show me how to use the cauldron!
Included in this mod the workbench. There is a small defect: when you sit on the cushion or the chair, do not forget to right-clic on to rise, otherwise we float to a height making it impossible to pass the doors ... I had to remove The chairs and cushions of the spawn because of 90% of the players I saw were stuck in the spawn because of that 0_o ...

- addition of simple-protection mod, which allows with a wand to claim a territory.
It is based on the LandRush model and divides the world into claim cuboids.
Each cuboid is 16x80x16 (default settings unchanged) and allows to share access with other players.
Here are some useful commands, see the mod link for more information.
/area show => shows the information about the area where you are,
/area share <pseudo> => Share the area where you are with <pseudo>

It is compatible with areas, insofar as it recognizes and prevents to claim an area already reserved with areas, that is good. On the other hand it is more limited: the zones are pre-defined, and impossible to claim underground (default settings, unchanged).

Let's say it will allow players uncomfortable with the area command line to claim territories more easily.

- added crops mod. Here is a mod of agriculture that pushes the desire for realism even further. Bravo Sofar!
Currently it allows to cultivate: melons, pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, green beans and corn.
The mechanisms of shoot are reviewed and improved, with several levels of difficulty. The default (normal) level has been left.
  • First, you have to find the seeds / fruits (in nature -patates digging the ground-, or gift between players).
  • Then we soil the soil with the hoe, plant, and watch!
  • Indeed, the plant will need watering. With his small saucer, which is filled with water, we will have to hydrate our plants, which tell us their needs (too much or not enough water).
Here's what to spend another few hours of play without getting bored.
And be careful not to lose your precious crop!

- added hydroponics mod. You are all the time in mine? You do not want to go upstairs for your crops, but you have to eat? With this mod, launch your crops above ground and under artificial light!! What else, come quickly and discover it :)

- and for the admin, a mod that allows to monitor very closely the players: spectator_mode. You are warned: D an admin or moderator can be watching you at any time, "mefie". Well it has just a small malfunction with the hud_bars, when we return to normal mode after an observation, small hearts reappear over the bar of life ... But it is not embarrassing.

So much for the mods, few, but that bring a lot to the gaming experience. Come have fun.

On the constructions side, the first players' houses appear. The first bones also drag, monsters seemingly feasting mouhahaha.

Near the park, to the north-east of the spawnpoint an inn is under construction.

And here is the latest news of the week, opening of the public mine! A big thank you to Peppy for this idea and its concretization (aussitot dit, aussitot fait). You will find it by leaving the spawn room by the south, halfway of the great staircases which descend, on your right. Follow the tunnel, and you will soon find yourself deep enough in a large cave to mining diamonds and meses. Beware of the monsters, however, and take food if you want to refuel before rising to the surface.

And for next week? In view, mod email, mod awards and the latest mod of Tenplus1: real_torch. Hahaha, notice to all the frantic installers of torches, soon they will be of limited duration. Notice to those who light everything with the torch, it will be necessary to find another mode of permanent lighting ... but that is for later ...
See you soon.

Re: [Server] Minaventure [WEEK03]

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 03:31
by ektor
Here we are ! Assessment of the week ...

A lot of passage, more and more beautiful things are being built. Thank you.

Removed mods:
  • Simple-protection created areas that straddled protected areas with areas.
  • Crops, (which I started to code a mod to transform the items and farming blocks) was removed because there was confusion and inability to craft the pea supports (for example). I am also afraid that taming animals does not work with. In short, it was removed, and when I would have finished coding the transition from farming to crops, I would definitely hand it over.
  • Hydroponics also has been removed: water from the earth and super-glow-glass do the job. Thanks to dicebox for feedback.
Added mods:
  • Ambience, from Tenplus1, adds sounds and creates a nice atmosphere.
  • Rubenwardy awards, as promised, and here is a mod that pleases a lot! Even to me hahaha, it's nice to receive a message of congratulation from time to time.
  • email by rubenwardy also to allow to leave a message to a player, even if it is not connected.
  • Reactivation of irc, which was not involved in problems of self-completion of nicknames. To connect to the game chat:, channel /join ##minaventure
  • mapfix by Gael de Sailly which allows to solve the problems of luminosity appearing sometimes after the use of worldedit (for example). A great mod, which I used after installing the real_torch mod :))
  • random_messages by xisd to display tips and tricks in the HUD chat. Perfect! This is the upgraded version with panels that appears in the world of viewtopic.php?f=11&t=6306&hilit=xisd%2Frandom_messages
  • real_torch by Tenplus1. Hahaha here is a mod that disturbs some! I just love it. All the habits of the players are questioned. Well some people quickly found the parade using candles ... will have to transpose this code to xdecor candles my word ...
  • scaffolding by semmett9 not yet used, but that should help the builders of the map!
  • serveressentials by GunshipPenguin for its some useful commands to all admin, and also for the players :) the wiser ones can obtain for example the privilege to heal ... why not?
  • treecapitator by HybridDog, to shave the forests faster hahaha ... no it's not at all that. In fact there are tired of finding trees amputated 2 ends of trunks ... it does not make serious or realistic. Treecapitator should remedy this.
  • xban2 by kaeza, finally, which closes this list, because it happened to me an unpleasant adventure with a banned player and his IP ... finally, this mod should allow me to manage more "finely" villains.
No screenshot today, I may add later ... anyway Peppy built us a beautiful bridge that extends the north road to the spawn.

Here it is, 3rd week of activity, and it starts to take shape. I'm happy to live this adventure server admin, and I feel more and more comfortable with Lua code ... soon my own mods? Hahaha, not yet.

In planning for next week, adding teleporters, mod locks that goes with, and abripanes ... and others, why not?
See you soon louloutes and loulous, good Sunday.

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 23:26
by ektor
Server closed the time I understand where the WARNINGS come from due to the abm taking too long time ...

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 03:31
by ektor
Server online.
You can play again.

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 14:35
by ektor
IRL I'm going to walk (bike) along fRANCE this summer, so I close the server.
We meet at the re-entry if everything goes well :)
Have a nice summer everyone!

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 00:00
by ektor
the serveur is online.
A new map is generated in mapgen v6.
The mods installed are:
+ Spoiler

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 09:24
by ektor
Since September 1st, a new map has been created in mapgenv7. So you will be able to evolve in a brand new world.

The spawn was made by players and players for your enjoyment. It is still being improved.
You will find :
  • statues,
  • a shopping center, for your shops
  • a public farm, for your seeds,
    • for your leisure:
    • a jump,
    • a maze,
    • for your PVP confrontations:
    • an arena
Around the spawn germinate various and varied constructions, and further, wonderful biomes await you.

Watch out for the monsters at night especially during your beginnings.

To help players, a wiki was created to centralize all useful information:
It will overwrite the original presentation page.

In my next post I will publish some pictures of the achievements of the players with their consent.
Otherwise, discover them by yourself: search for Minaventure in the list of public servers.

See you soon,

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 14:22
by ektor
What was initially a small test becomes very serious.

Today the server is very busy.

There are beautiful buildings, and others more messy :)

Some begin to settle immediately sorted of the spawn protected area, others colonize veeeery far... to be quiet ??

We speak French as well as English or Spanish ... for the languages ​​I understand. But also Russian, Romanian or others that I can't identify.

This weekend, I'm trying to improve the performance by spreading the frequency of appearance of crowds of mobs-redo. Apparently it works well.

The mod that I take the most pleasure to use is scaffolding, which allows to be more efficient during construction, but also when cutting trees!

The most useful mod is definitely protector.

Here is a quick review of Minaventure, have a look at the occasion.

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:24
by ektor
The server will be shut down from today, for an indefinite period,
to repair the damage done by malicious people,
and understand the reason.

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 12:16
by Liberty45 ... 135231.png

je demande ektor tu dois clique le lien darkmomodhbit il te parle

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 07:16
by ektor
Server restart, all correct.

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 16:40
by Liberty45

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 16:44
by Liberty45
ektor si tu reset la map pk pas reset les privs de tout le monde sauf toi apres tu add les privs ceux qui sont modos

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 16:57
by Liberty45
normal 1 joueur charlotte a le privs modos? il a heal et basic_privs

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 23:15
by ektor
Server down for few months.

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 19:40
by Sontrunks
car c inutile

Re: [Server] Minaventure [little test]

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2020 10:06
by ektor
Hi, everybody.

Reopening of the MinAventure server.
New game version, new server!


We're starting from scratch. This version of MinAventure is meant to be light and sober.
A simple and minimalist spawn.

== Connection ==
Name: MinAventure
Port: 30002

Choose your username and put a password.

A protected area in the spawn of 100 blocks radius forces you to go to create your colony far enough. It's to allow a safe arrival for the newcomers.

=== Mods ===
Help with finding recipes.
It is set in evolutionary mode: it displays only the recipes of the blocks present in your inventory.

To protect his colony.

[mobs_redo] + [mobs_animals] + [mobs_monsters]
For more interaction.

To vary the crops.

=== Rules ==
The rules are simple: try to behave properly.
Inappropriate behaviour will be punished by banishment.

Welcome signs to explain that you have to go beyond 100 blocks of radius to start mining and set up.

Roads that go in all four directions to help get out of the spawn.

=== Mumble ===
You can meet to discuss as a team on:

Enjoy this new server, and have fun.
Vive Minetest!