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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 07:42
by redblade7
A few days ago started a new server, "THE VALLEYS".

Port: 54000
Location: Newark, NJ

OpenNIC: thevalleys.dyn, port 54000
Namecoin: thevalleys.bit, port 54000

(Yes, that is the same port on the VPS I used for my previous failed attempt at a second server, The Shootout, a few months ago. If The Shootout is still in your favorites, it will be replaced by The Valleys.)

It is a sandbox server, inspired by Anarchist Vanilla Server, except it's not entirely vanilla and not entirely anarchist.

While I initially intended it to be a vanilla server, I got bored and added more stuff to it. Don't worry, it will not have as much as The Creative Gardens does, and lacks the plantlife, moretrees, and tiny trees mods which make Creative Gardens beautiful but slow for mobile users. For this reason users get 'fast' privileges by default on The Valleys, which is not granted on The Creative Gardens.

It is a sandbox server, but has the anti-lava dumping mod, and fire and tnt are disabled. Obvious griefing (like pit griefing, water dumping, and misuse of the streams) are still prohibited. The "spawn pit" and "spawn building" are obviously protected.

There is damage on the server, but no PvP.

The Valleys is so named because it uses the rarely-found valleys mapgen.

Mods which are used include homedecor_modpack, signs_lib, boost_cart, coloredwood, farming redo, unifieddyes, moreblocks and moreores, as well as the standard admin stuff. unified_inventory_lite is also used.

The standard animals mobs are also included, these provide food for health and a lot less work when you need wool.

As of 7/14/17, the travelnet, locks, and locked_travelnet are including, allowing for travelnets, elevators, locked travelnets, and various shared locked items.

It offers the same commands as Creative Gardens: /spawn (into Spawn Pit), /teleport, /sethome, and /home

The rules are the same as Creative Gardens:

Rule #1: Be nice
Rule #2: No hacking
Rule #3: No griefing
Rule #4: No impersonation
Rule #5: No bugging
Rule #6: No simulation of sexual acts
Rule #7: No sexual advances
Rule #8: No recruiting for discussions outside of Minetest (IM, Skype, etc). Public IRC channels are OK.

No screenshots will be posted, due to it being a sandbox server.

Have fun and let me know what you think!


PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 23:00
by koby-minetest
i love this server thx redblade


PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 02:21
by redblade7
koby-minetest wrote:i love this server thx redblade

Thank you!

I have just added Travelnets, Locked Travelnets, and shared locked items to the server.


PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 23:20
by koby-minetest
why'd u get rid of nyan cats


PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 02:21
by redblade7
koby-minetest wrote:why'd u get rid of nyan cats

Nyan Cats were deleted from the official Minetest game for legal reasons, and are only available as part of a "PB&J Pup" mod, a proposed replacement for Nyan Cats that everyone hated. I was one of the few people who liked PB&J Pup.

As the Valleys and The Digital Farms were only a few months old, I just got rid of the Nyan Cat/PB&J Pup mod completely.

Since the Creative Gardens had existed for over a year, I am using the Nyan Cat/PB&J Pup mod there, but subjecting the Nyan Cats to artificial scarcity:

* I removed Nyan Cats from creative inventory (PB&J Pup and the rainbow are still there)
* No future automatic map generation of Nyan Cats or PB&J Pups
* As usual, Nyan Cats disappear when used as fuel
* Nyan Cats already in containers and in your inventory can be used
* Once dug, Nyan Cats convert to PB&J Pups

This is being done more as an act of protest. While most people will say "I'll just put up the video again or torrent it" I'm the kind of person who prefers "I don't want to support you or your videos, if I buy it at all it'll be second-hand from eBay"