[Server] LinuxWorks Next Generation (Lots of trains)

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Re: [Server] LinuxWorks Next Generation (Lots of trains)

by Mantar » Sun Oct 07, 2018 20:38

Had a relaxing jaunt through this server last night, I gotta say it's pretty great. The train system is elaborate and there are a lot of nice builds to see. I liked the water pyramid, and the lighthouse was nice, and the big tetris monument on Alexey Pajitnov street was excellent.
Occasionally a train would dump me on the tracks and I'd have to log out and back in to continue, causing me to miss a stop, and some of the stops lack for adequate signage, but these were minor hiccups.
(I also got to ride the world's worst roller coaster, at 1887.8 13.5 21. That guy's whole area looks like a dwarf fortress forum-based succession world a la Boatmurdered, which was amusing in its own way)

9/10 Great server, would play again.


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