enter hightime community sandbox

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enter hightime community sandbox

by lister » Wed Jun 28, 2017 02:25

it is our deepest pleasure to re-introduce the hightime community server. the latest stable server runs from a dedicated blade on pennsylvania backbone, and features pvp damage, shout & home privileges, and the following mods:

alphabet dreambuilder helicopter hiddendoors lucky_block mobs_redo (monsters & animals) pyramids vehicles wardrobe

the community membership is open to everyone, and all applicants are welcome. please read the following server rules to see if you would like to join.

server rules

  • the server is intended to be a sandbox, with strictly consensual pvp permitted. all parties involved must continue to agree to participate in pvp, or else it must end. the "positive" half of the world serves as a pvp arena: any player entering that coordinate range gives an implicit consent to pvp. press f5 to see your avatar's coordinates: your 1st coordinate must be positive for pvp to be legit.
  • no griefing of any kind is tolerated, which includes water/lava griefing, building too close without consent, and destruction of clearly marked private property. trespassing and stealing from unlocked containers is ok. if in doubt, just move away from other players' stuff or talk to them and agree on how the land is shared.
  • rude behavior is not tolerated, and neither is player harassment. mob harassment, that's a different matter...
  • hightime management will carry out all arbitration of grievances, and in particular decide what counts as griefing or offensive. in the future, officers and admins will be appointed to advisory roles, but the management will always have the final word.
  • all players should make the best effort to have nicks which are both unoffensive and recognizable, so that other players can easily see who is on without having to wash their eyes with soap.
  • violating these server rules flagrantly and/or repeatedly will result in multiple warnings, followed by a permanent ban.
  • at the same time, members should remember this is only a game, which means giving the benefit of the doubt, and taking small amounts of abuse with good humor.

server timeline

We are now pretty happy with the settings, and the backend is configured, so we've entered phase 1, which will last for as long as we can update the client & the essential mods without breaking the world. backups are kept, and the world will not be reset. once we figure out the best way to do it, we will publish the backups, so that each of our users can have a local copy of the world.

the management adheres to a strict freedom of expression policy, and we will not rat players out, no matter what they say or do within the game (they are just joking ;). logs may be kept for extended periods of time, both for maintenance and to detect griefing. we pledge not to share server logs with anyone, to the extent the law allows.


if you are interested, please join the hightime server (seen in the server browser),, port 30000.

see who is on with


and then talk to us about getting the interact priv with

/msg <name> <message>

we are currently looking for experienced admins (see the handbook below if you are interested), and until their ranks are filled, you may have to wait for the management to show up :(

happy mining :)
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Re: enter hightime community sandbox

by BBmine » Wed Jun 28, 2017 14:47

I don't see an IP or port.
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Re: enter hightime community sandbox

by lister » Wed Jun 28, 2017 16:44

BBmine wrote:I don't see an IP or port.

we updated the intro post with the connection info. by the way, the server does appear in the built-in browser as well :)

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it's admin season

by lister » Thu Jul 13, 2017 04:36

hightime is looking for admins, and you have been pre-qualified. just show up while the management is around and let us know. all you really need to moderate this world is the desire to play every now and then, as well as the will to follow the

admin handbook

basic rules

admins who break these rules will be stripped of their title and basic_privs.

1. be polite.

2. respect the right to free expression unless it becomes abuse, as described further down.

3. never share any private user information with anyone, not even with fellow-admins, to the extent the law permits.

4. always try to resolve situations by communicating with offenders and issuing warnings before finally revoking privs. do not revoke privs without making a good faith attempt to explain what the offender is doing wrong and what the consequence will be. for best results, direct them to this document as an explanation for your actions.

5. deal with abuse, as described below, don't ignore it. this is the only reason why you would even need the basic_privs. always feel free to step down if the job gets dull, after all, this is the lowest title.

granting privs

upon joining, players will have shout and home privs. without having any information about who they are, it's OK to grant interact right away and to send them a public greeting.

abuse & revoking privs

1. lava/water abuse

creating large midair lava/water pyramids above surface (y = 0) is forbidden. revoke interact, even without warning if the abuse is flagrant (dumping a lava bucket midair at z = 200 is not something that happens by accident).

2. non-consentual pvp

pvp is implicitly consentual in the "positive zone" (x > 0) and does not require explicit consent from any party. with mutual explicit consent, parties can engage in pvp absolutely anywhere. pvp must be explicitly consentual in the "negative zone" (x < 0). treat low coordinates (-100 < x < 100) as a gray area, advise pve players to go deeper into negative. if an offender keeps attacking others against their will in the negative zone, revoke interact.

3. offensive shout

being offended is very subjective. make a good faith effort to determine that the shout is actually offensive to at least some of the present players, which may include you. make a giant effort to explain you are passing a subjective judgement, explain what exactly is offensive, and how the offender can communicate better. if nothing works, revoke shout.

4. offensive nick

evrything about the offensive shout applies here, except for the remedy. inform the offender as soon as possible that the only way to remedy is to create a new account with a better nick, and that a failure to do that will result in a permanent (ip-based) ban. if that fails, report the nick to the management. do not revoke privs.

all other forms of abuse should simply be reported to the management.


some behaviors may well be offensive, but they fail to qualify as abuse at hightime.

1. trespassing

2. stealing from unlocked containers

3. building offensive imagery


we do not have any title syntax in place, where the privs granted are somehow reflected in the nick, but given enough interest we may introduce and enforce something like that. another example of a functional title would be something like ronin_ prefix for players who consent to pvp everywhere.

as for the advancement, the admin title, which comes with basic_privs = interact & shout, is one of the lowest titles, if not the lowest one, carrying with it little more than responsibility. other titles and privs may one day be awarded to the most daring and excellent diggers, but that portion of the world is currently shrouded in mystery.

see you at hightime :)

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Re: enter hightime community sandbox

by lister » Mon Jul 24, 2017 01:16

quick updates:

carbone mobs disabled, replaced by mobs redo (monsters and animals) from git.

added lucky block

disabled date palm pollination as superfluous & possibly glitchy/laggy

happy digging :)

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Re: enter hightime community sandbox

by lister » Sat Sep 09, 2017 23:41

more updates: various mods bumped to latest stable/dev, including mobs redo & caverealms, which now features dm realms and more biomes. engine reset to latest stable, but minetest game bumped to bleeding edge. cheers :)

p.s. we are now in phase 1, meaning mainly we are pretty sure the world will not reset.

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