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by Sporax » Sun Jul 16, 2017 15:36


Axinite is back with a new PvP server!

See the Server's trailer on youtube! >>>

Game Objective

Build, Fight and Level Up!

There are extra ores on Axinite that can give you great armor and tools - find them and power up!

Creative building competitions are also organized on this PvP server, Using the Build Battle system - there's something for all!

Connection Details

* Server IP:
* Port 30000 (or look for Axinite in the server list)

Technical details

The Axinite server runs on 0.4.16-dev builds, using Mapgen v7. The server and Minetest Game are updated on an ongoing basis, to provide the latest Minetest experience!

Initial Privs: interact, shout, home, build_battler

Server Rules:

* Newbie killing is forbidden. Fight someone your own level.
* No Flood-griefing (flooding using lava or water or the conbination) will be tolerated on public buildings (spawn, arenas, and others official arena).
* Respect other players.
* No foul language, no swearing
* All-caps and spam are also prohibited.
* Have fun!

Guidelines for moderation

* Comply with Moderators' requests
* If there is a problem with a Moderator's request, contact an admin via the forum

Admins, moderators and game animators ("Anims")

* Game and Gameplay Admin: Sporax
* Server technical admin: taikedz
* Moderators: Peppy, Tic-Tac, Agent07
* Animators and builders: Adelia, ant-man, jackpot, Berwix

Animators organise some events every weeks and a New build battle has held every 2 weeks.

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Re: Axinite

by ThomasMonroe » Wed Jul 26, 2017 14:38

love the server, dont play on it much, but the textures and the feel of the world is awesome
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Re: Axinite

by GamerPro999 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 13:18

J'aime vraiment le serveur! je m'y connecte a chaque fois que je veux jouer!

Continuer comme ça!!! =)
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