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by Sokomine » Mon Jul 09, 2018 01:40

maikerumine wrote:I get good FPS, it might be your video card. This is also a known issue, mainly in heavily treed areas as there are many textures. I have been trying to optimise and lower the content.

I didn't even manage to get close to any trees. I managed to swim to a nearby snow-covered island and then died. Steering was already extremly difficult. Perhaps it's the amount of sea plants at spawn? They're very beautiful but could be a candidate for expensive graphics. I didn't have any problems with them in other situations until now. But those where places where the sea plants where rare and few.

maikerumine wrote:On my test machine, 1.2 gz 1 gig of ram and 128 mb of video memory this game tanked it, bigtime. Once I got a card that was much better I haven't had a problem. I still use the test rig for performance testing, and it goes down to 2-3 frames per second in any wooded area, sadly.

My machine is better equipped but doesn't have good graphics - only what a Celeron G1610 comes with. In general MT works very fine with it. Densly forrested areas may require a decrease in view range. Most of the time I run around with a view range of 80. Some servers with higher res textures do pose a problem. I didn't see any high-res textures that could be problematic on your server.

maikerumine wrote:The performance is a number one priority to me, and the most difficult. The server machine is also hosting 2 other minetest servers which do not get much traffic, I may run a test where I only run SAS and not the other ones this week to study performance.

It's not server-side lag. The local client becomes unresponsive, i.e. when trying to turn around or chatting. Digging/placing as such work fast enough as far as I could tell.

maikerumine wrote:Sorry for the bad experience, I am limited by my inability to code good and the sloppy minetest engine, as it is far too cumbersome in regards to many ABMS. YES, I said ABM's, because the state of most items depend on a player's influence, i.e. walking on ground, many falling nodes, plant growth, etc.

Perhaps there's too much going on in the background. That *might* be a cause. The spawn on VanessaEs survival server used to be a huge problem for my poor computer. I suspect it's overautomatization (the underground's plastered with machines that constantly change the environment) - which might cause too many updates of blocks in too short a time. But that's just my suspicion.
Skip the footprints. They're nice but not important enough for a multiplayer server. Falling sand is only a problem if it triggers a cascade. Otherwise it ought to sit there peacefully and do nothing. Plant growth can be a problem - especially if players harvest a lot and heavy plantlife mods are installed. Farming on soil is usually not very expensive regarding load of server and/or client.
maikerumine wrote:
Sokomine wrote:There was a crocodile spawn-camping. Respawning let me fell on it again and die immediately.

I will fix spawn tonight.

Just catch that offending cocodile and put it in a cage somewhere where it can't do any damage :-)

maikerumine wrote: There will be griefers, just store your goodies in your inventory, as that never gets deleted. Set home is used with a sleeping bag, your FIRST priority in game. Takes a lot of plant fibers, so keep getting grasses and plants.

The inventory may be insufficient for storing all the materials needed for eating, crafting, building a good-looking house.
Thanks for the information regarding the sleeping bag and the inventory.

There'd been a mod called "earthbuild" around on the forum lately. It might fit nicely into this game. Players could start by building cob-based house.
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