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Re: [Server] Lilly in the valley

by irishka » Post

Hi, all. Hello APercy. I noticed your messages two or three times only when you were off the game. Sorry. Was too busy digging till the bottom of the world (about -3000 as far as i remember, coz i already was there once). Hope to meet again in the game. But i'm not sure it's possible. I was somehow banned for griefing (till the end of time) and I don't know why. Maybe for digging under 0,x,0 and maybe for the lava next to my house. And maybe just for fun.

PS. I saw your house but just a little. My brother werw showed it to me. But i didn't have time to watch it all. Wanted to do it later. Bye.

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Re: [Server] Lilly in the valley

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temp down for linux software upgrade

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