[Free Stuff at Spawn !!] 2 week event |ULTRA WORLD Survival

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[Free Stuff at Spawn !!] 2 week event |ULTRA WORLD Survival

by IanniPowerup!!! » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:37

so if you have seen my post on the new server ULTRA WORLD Surival [best mods , best system , best experience , try it]
I'm also doing a server opening event , sense the server has been up for only 4 days I decided to make an event where i just give new players free stuff when they join , mostly manually , but I'll also have chests at spawn for players to take .
Myself as an owner , I'm always nice to my players and give then starting stuff if they need .

Also if there are more than 4 players online I host daily PvP and PvE events where the winners gets useful stuff

That's the event , it will last about 2 weeks and I hope more people will join

Name : ULTRA WORLD Survival

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