[Server] Glitchtest [dead spawn]

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[Server] Glitchtest [dead spawn]

by jas » Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:47

Hello again. This is a world with a desert spawn and frequent dying. It features sneak_jump, walkie, setrespawn mods, as well as xdecor, mobs, protector, craftguide, 3d_armor. Your bones are protected for a time after you die.

The server version is 0.4.17-dev. This is the backport-0.4 "stable" minetest. In my opinion, 0.5.0-dev is better, but "stable is as stable does." It's interesting to note the differences, for example I rebind item slot keys on 0.5.0, as well as the minimap being disabled, and I could swear it performs better graphically.

Address: dcbl.duckdns.org
Port: 30000
Game: Minetest Game
Style: Survival/PvP
+ minetest.conf

Added setrespawn mod, so anyone with a bed can set their respawn position any time of day, for when they inevitably die. I hope that will alleviate concerns a player had about the lack of /sethome. There is a /setrespawn command, but it requires the setrespawn priv.

Armor was also added, though physics are removed from it for now. There's not yet a HUD element for it either.
sneak_jump mod now makes players physical (but not physical after dying, until they respawn).

You can now right-click with the walkie to teleport to a saved location, if you have one. (Right-click an intercomm with a walkie to save a location.)

+ Bugs

Here's a video showing off some quick movements through a large cave: https://youtu.be/e2kHIwC4cxY
/setrespawn requires priv, otherwise rightclick bed anytime to set respawn.
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