[New Server] Drinks & Potions

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[New Server] Drinks & Potions

by Kenzo » Thu May 31, 2018 15:51

Hello Minetest-Community! :)

We, MissDejavu and me, are both new members of this forum here.
In order to our student program we work on creating some minetest mods on an own server.

Drinks&Potions is one of our mods. It is still not finished yet, there is a lot of work to do.
But we would be happy if you try to play on the server and give us some feedback!

What is "Drinks & Potions" about?
  • We want to create a magic world with exotic plants, from which everyone can cook cool drinks and potions
  • There are 4 potions implemented yet:
    - The Rush Potion: You can run faster for 30 seconds
    - The Jump Potion: You can jump higher for 60 seconds
    - The Invisibility Potion: You are invisible for 60 seconds
    - The Invincibility Potion: You cannot die or gain damage for 60 seconds
  • In the future we will change the crafting recipes, after we implemented the new plants

+ Klick here for a picture of the 4 potions

That's the way you can craft the potions right now:

+ Rush Potion:

+ Jump Potion

+ Invisibility Potion

+ Invincibility Potion

We would be glad to here from you. You can share your ideas and suggestions with us!

Have fun! :)

Server: Drinks&Potions
Address: oristano.tcs.ifi.lmu.de
Port: 30006

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