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Notes for setting up a minetest server on centos 7

PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 18:32
by sofar
To get started, install the needed software:

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- yum upgrade (always good to update before you start)
- yum install epel-release
- yum install minetest minetest-server
- systemctl start minetest@default

Server should run after this, and be ready for connections.

To add custom games, unpack and copy them to:

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To add custom mods, unpack or git clone them, and copy them to:

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You may need to modify
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to enable mods and switch the game type.

The server conf is at

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After making modifications to it, you need to restart the server.

Make sure to not modify files when the server is running. Shut down the server before making modifications, and only start the server again once you are done modifying files.