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Re: [Server] Fantasy 2.0 (in progress)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 07:52
by MissDejavu
Hi you all,

here comes another update :-)

First of all: We updated the server on 30008 (Fantasy 2.0) but we also created a new server:
Same address with port 30006.
Why? Because we changed quite a lot that is effecting the map generation and it is hardly possible to find the new stuff on the old server. So if you want to check out what we are talking about, just have a look at this server ;-) The old one is of course still online and also updated!

So, what changed?

- there is a lot more to the background story (especially books, that can be found in the dungeons)
- we implemented a new biome, that adds a kind of dark land, which can also spread
- we adjusted the behavior of the elemental mobs
- and we finally added the 'protector' mod (this one viewtopic.php?id=4212), hurray :D Please let us know if it works as you expected, since we don't really have experience with the protection mods.
- there are also some new crafting recipes, for example stuff you can do with the giant plant (just check out the story books you can find ingame, or the craftguide)
- craftguide, kpg-mobs, ma_pops_furniture are also added to the new server.

Re: [Server] Fantasy 2.0 (in progress)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 09:50
by Andrey01
Nice! I`ll test out new server!