[Server] MineClone2 server

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[Server] MineClone2 server

by mini » Tue Jul 17, 2018 14:33

Hello, some months ago I set up a Minetest server with MineClone2 subgame. It doesn't have any rules so feel free to do whatever you want.

Tip: If you build something but you don't want that it gets destroyed then use markers!

Hostname: nilsmumble.ddns.net
Port: 30000


If connection takes too much time then try again later.

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Re: [Server] MineClone2 server

by Stix » Fri Jul 20, 2018 16:50

cHyper wrote:what are the rules of this server? !!

Dude, just stop spamming, the rules are in front of your face, just read them instead of spamming here.
Hey, what can i say? I'm the bad guy.

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