[Server] Mythical Realms

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[Server] Mythical Realms

by garywhite » Mon Jan 07, 2019 21:02

Mythical Realms is a creative server owned by TheBurningPrincess . It was once was known as LS-Wonderland - owned by longerstaff13. There is a great selection of mods aimed towards building. We have an friendly and open environment to play in. This server allows role play and in fact has a nations roleplay ongoing with two of the groups on the server. This server is home to the Immortals, a 70+ player building group and nation. The server address is mt.xeroxirc.net port 30002.

Some of the mods loaded include: abriflame, abriglass, abritorch, advtrains, cars, cloaking, columnia, digilines & digistuff, mesecons, and some mods that are currently exclusive to our server!


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