RPG Server Edolas -closing event on 16.01.2019 19:00 UTC-

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RPG Server Edolas -closing event on 16.01.2019 19:00 UTC-

by kurktu » Post

I have to announce that my RPG Server Edolas is closing down for an unknown time period.
Therefore an in-game closing event will be held on January 16th at 19:00 UTC.

Further information:
The server will be shutdown on January 17th because I'm loosing the hosting space for my root server. I'll test if my raspberry pi is fast enough to host it instead, but then it won't have a fixed IP address anymore. Also the server will not come back until after minetest version 5.0.0 is released, so probably not before march.

Major Server History:
2016-05-03 Because rnd's lab server where I was playing before didn't exist anymore and therefore I lost my minetest home I decided to create my own server, the idea was for it to become similar to rnd's lab server as a hard survival server with cool mods, therefore I added some mods like mobs, 3d armor or mesecons but too many mods let to many server crashes..
2017-07-08 Server crashed.
2017-09-03 Server was up again.
2017-10-27 Server crashed.
2017-12-09 Server was up again.
2018-03-11 Server was shutdown and forgotten.
2018-06-08 The dragon imperator kurktu (me xD) restarted the Server Edolas, the idea was for it to become RPG-like now, therefore he started writing some mods for implementing fairies, dwarfs, nymphs and lightelves with different abilities, for example fairies can fly but not hurt anybody, nymphs can dive unlimited and move faster under water and lightelves have healing powers.
2019-01-16 19:00 UTC - SERVER CLOSING EVENT -
2019-01-17 Server will be shutdown.
20??-??-?? Server will be back..

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Re: RPG Server Edolas -closing event on 16.01.2019 19:00 UTC

by Clyde » Post

Static IP?
For example: https://dyndnss.net/updater.php

Greetings Clyde.

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