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[Server] Pine Tree Float II [ptfii]

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 07:12
by jas
Pine Tree Float* was a creative server I started directly before Amhi. It was where the "dcb" mod was born - Doors, Chests, & Bones; a mod to remove steel doors, locked chests, and bones - at the time there was no `protection_bypass').


Port: 30002
Flags: Creative
Privs: home, fast, fly
Game: ptfii
Engine: Minetest 5.0.0-dev

  • Beds toggle day/night. Time does not move otherwise.
  • Sneak jump is on, of course, and sprinting is done using the `fast' mode built into the Minetest client.
  • Fire & TNT are enabled.
  • Zoom FOV changed from default 15 (!) to 33.334.
  • Added /spawn command.
  • Enabled floatlands.
  • Fixed offset in crafting tab hotbar, removed background shading, fixed black border around formspecs, fixed bed formspec.
Tips: Green, Cyan, and Pink coral can only be placed on skeleton coral with a `water_source' node directly above. I find this both interesting, and irritating.

Mods:beds, boats, bones, bucket, butterflies, carts, creative, default, doors, dungeon_loot, dye, farming, fire, fireflies, flowers, player_api, ptfii, screwdriver, sethome, sfinv, spawn, stairs, tnt, vessels, walls, wool, xpanes

* It's a drink: A tonic with a toothpick thrown in. I'd originally chosen this name because at the time Minetest Game had only just introduced the pine tree item.