Can you host a server using a VPN???

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Can you host a server using a VPN???

by HelloDefender12 » Post

MY VPN has ports open 443,5555,1504 How to host a server using a vpn

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Re: Can you host a server using a VPN???

by Festus1965 » Post

mhh, guessing

the server minetest.conf need to be configured to
* ip of the exit of VPN, mean other side where you exit (what is shown then at game, and people can connect to)
* one of that ports if possible, but not the 443 as reserved

and if the VPN ends at the Minetestserver it should work, but you need outside people to test,

if VPN ends at Router you need to config portforward (5555) to the IP address of the mashine runs the MTS

never had like this. Why need VPN or want to use it ?
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