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[Server 5.2.0] Asia Thailand : OPEN

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 09:14
by Festus1965
My daughter went on some of the creative Multicraft servers,
and complain ME to help her about a sexy_man names gamer ... ME: just leave thoose servers or I take the PC away ... = solved

As of searching old and newer tuning tips for jjk1 server, I found some more even
* linux got some upgrade with temp file on ramdisk
* postgresql settings also more work_mem: 6GB now

backup also done
beside ... copy to extern with 440 MB/s

the game password is easy to see in description, but most don't (can't) read = best shelter from griefer and whatever

Server (ubuntu + minetest) just restarted with new settings, running well

[Server 5.2.0] Asia Thailand : OPEN

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 03:39
by Festus1965
Server off on 13.01.2021 between 9-16 ICT or 2-9 UTC
as of electric work in town
also we get streetlicht now, as last street I know in 15 years around ... ha

Re: [Server 5.2.0] Asia Thailand : OPEN

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 06:07
by Festus1965
Electric is back,
hopeful steady and not just testing if they did there work nice ...

also tuned up, moved successful postgresql data folder to faster M.2 NVM drive
(3 time faster than strandard SSD)

Server is back on

[Server 5.2.0] Asia Thailand : OPEN

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 02:28
by Festus1965
Server was down short around 9 am ICT (3 am MEZ) 19.01.2021
as off a change of electric wiring at plug

AS our hose system has only 2 wires (L + N) N = normally PEN, so I had to connect PE + N (from PC pluggs) into PEN (just backside of the wall plug a bridge)

Server normal back ON

[Server 5.2.0] Asia Thailand : OPEN

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 21:23
by Festus1965
after a storm, thunderstorm and rain yesterday evening (30.01.2021)
and "typical" lost of electricity

Server is back online

special about this thunderstorm: I arrived here today exactly 15 years ago in Thailand
since then bad years was some rain until New-year, and first rain end of march
but NEVER this time, when for months (was) and weeks even no cloud appeared

is that special as of "broken" polar-cycle-wind and so climate-change ?

[Server 5.2.0] Asia Thailand : OPEN

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2021 03:38
by Festus1965
MTServer empty, no Mapserver ... CPU 31 degrees C, with 20 surrounding
after started Mapserver and the 5 admins, also another 37 Login Player = CPU 37 at 22 degrees surrounding temp
Watt no Idea, as I have not one only at this Machine ... long time had not place 3 at server-list

but anyway:
* most doesn't see the password
* another lot try with wrong client (mismatched)
= no danger of to much gamer (as still max 60)

[Server 5.2.0] Asia Thailand : OPEN

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 02:50
by Festus1965
Server is back online

after I rebuild the server / PC area for
* shorter cable mouse/keyboard,
* shorter Network cable to switch
* better access to back and front as of USB ports

also updated system,
no update for minetest or mods !

[Server 5.2.0] Asia Thailand : OPEN

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 03:26
by Festus1965
just realized:
my fiber-Internet was upgraded from old 214/214 Down/Up - but we still pay the same ... - Speedtest to true Server ChaingMai
Ping 2ms - Down: 940 Mbit/s - Upload: 220 MBits

even from Singapore I get 640 Mbit/s now

[Server 5.2.0] Asia Thailand : OPEN

Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2021 06:14
by Festus1965
L-Dog crashed the server today maybe with playing around with nodebreaker

My InGame-Mail was like this:
I saw the server crash,
I saw that you played around with the node-breaker.
Please explain what happened and position to check later.

So I have 3 options:
* You explain well, as It was a mistake ... ok, nothing about mod or so
* you do it second time not by mistake = ban
* This happen always by using node-breaker this kind, as other might do it also = deactivate node-breaker in mod

[Server 5.2.0] Asia Thailand : OPEN

Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2021 07:38
by Festus1965
That gamer L-Dog was back:
* not answering to mail in-game Mail about explanation
L-Dog wrote:* I need to ask about the mail
* why I as teleported to a position
* I lost the Balloon because of this
* Das nein gut!
* jaaaa?
* Niski kurva, I loose balloon, i cant find chicken
* i am sorry .. please .. no one here talks =/ i have no help
Answer the mail without position or anything that might help out of that problem, but complaining.

I am not sure anymore who is more more stupid: gamer or programmer of minetest.

The one programming a client that can see both versions, but smash a mistake protocol when a user try to connect to wrong version, what is not supposed to do anywhere ...
or the gamer doing this wrong turn, what is clear to understand as this option is available.

And then this gamer like L-Dog ... this is so sucking ...

bye the way: L-Dog will be banned ... I wanna my silence ...

[Server 5.2.0] Asia Thailand : OPEN

Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2021 00:56
by Festus1965
today morning a bunch of new mods have been transferred onto the mtserver mod-folder

(the fully fu... story how to find out what is needed and how long it will take to be sure it works is in the German thread)
* intllib ... as for:
* tubelib2 ... as for:
* hyperloop (as a target mod)
* minecart with ...
* lcdlib ... and also
* safer_lua ... as for:
* techage (as other target mod)

will be activated by random, with a minimum of 2 weeks distance as need to check stability.