[Server] Furry World [In development]

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[Server] Furry World [In development]

by TillCoyote » Post

Host: coyotenet.ddns.net:30000

This is furry hardcore server. In development, can be wiped and be down.

  • Furry. You can choose your species. Species differ in running speed&stamina, jump height on run, health and strength. For example, coyotes run faster, but have less hp than wolves and humans. Now are very unbalanced, but it's to be fixed.
  • Hardcore. You regenerate 10 times slower, so you'll always need pills and bandage, also you starve much faster. Monsters don't sleep!
  • Less stupid players. To get interact privilege, the player need to answer the question "what is the square root of 16?". At least, every player will be smart enough to use google (or any other search engine).
  • Ores. This server has 13 non-vanilla ores like mithril, nickel, platinum or nickel!
  • Polyglot admin. The server speaks english, german and russian as main languages.
  • Minetest 5. Probably be very conservative in future, but now is young and updaty.
  • Valleys mapgen generates beautifully!
+ Spoiler
  • Be polite
  • No hacking, griefing and using bugs for griefing
  • Sexual acts only PM if not in russian language
  • No ads
Hosted on Raspberry PI 3 in Kazakhstan.

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Re: [Server] Furry World [In development]

by Teen_Miner » Post

I'm quite interested to check this out and i already have this server in my list. I was curious of some things tho:
1.You described the server as hardcore,does that mean we cannot rejoin if we die,similar to Minecraft?
2.can you clarify the rules?
3.lastly,when should we expect the server to go public?(like a week,month,3 months,etc.) I'm quite excited to see how this turns out,considering i haven't found a single other server of this kind.
Anyways,I wish you the best of luck in this server! :D

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Re: [Server] Furry World [In development]

by parasite » Post

TillCoyote wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 14:58
Host: coyotenet.ddns.net:30000

This is furry hardcore server. In development, can be wiped and be down.

Well, you have announced this server, but it is already wiped down :O
There is no such host as "coyotenet.ddns.net" :/
Perhaps this topic should be locked and moved somewhere else?

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