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[Server] Setup with Pterodactyl panel ?

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 22:16
by Caesarovich
Hello, I would ike to know if there's already an egg for pterodactyl so I can run a server on it ^^ I really like using pterodactyl and i'm worried i can't have a panel for that one game specifically.

Re: [Server] Setup with Pterodactyl panel ?

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 02:13
by FreeGamers
So I guess Pterodactyl is a sort of management panel for games in docker containers based on PHP7.0, I had to look this up to understand what you were talking about as I've never heard of it. I couldn't find any mention of Minetest support on the web for this.

I found this a of community supported modules for games like Minecraft and Unreal Engine and other steam games, but I didn't see Minetest in there. You'd probably have to add support for the game yourself to the panel or find someone to help you. Otherwise, you can just administrate your server through terminal commands or GUI. Minetest administration isn't too hard. Its basically a config file and a server daemon. There is one other file that controls which mods are activated and a few other world settings.

Re: [Server] Setup with Pterodactyl panel ?

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 13:26
by Caesarovich
Ok thanks ^^