[Still as Concept] AVANT-GARDE SERVER

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[Still as Concept] AVANT-GARDE SERVER

by runs » Fri Aug 23, 2019 20:32

I 'm going to create my own server:


- Coolness.
- No more boring in a Minetest server.
- Colaborative server based on creation, adventure, roleplay and friendship.
- Theme: Ancient, Medieval and Future based on zones/cities/villages.
- Factions/Races/Clans/Teams. An empire. I will be the Emperor (I can be overthrown).
- Cool graphics.
- Vanilla MTG + Cool Mods.
- Farming & Mobs.
- No protection. No limits. Almost no moderation. Sandbox game.
- No griefers nor brats as rats. Let the game be based on trust of its players.
- International World: Each real nacionality will have is site in the server. No discrimination.
- EVENTS: PVP, Arena, Bosses to kill together, TOTAL WAR, etc.
- Webpage and forum.
- To play in Linux, Windows & Android. No restrictions for any fork.


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