Server: RunOrFall (TNTRun in Minecraft)

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Server: RunOrFall (TNTRun in Minecraft)

by niwla23 » Tue Nov 05, 2019 19:06

Whats is RunOrFall?

RunOrFall is a game inspired by TNTRun for Minecraft, but ported to Minetest!

Hm, I am not aware of TNTRun

Well... It's easy: You run on a platform and when you walk over a node it falls down. The last one who reaches the ground wins!

And how can I join?

First method: search the serverlist for "RunOrFall"
Second method (you'll have to go this way if your client was compiled without CURL):
Code: Select all
Port: 30001

Website: (WIP)
The subgame:

Who hosts the server?

I am allowed to use tuxifans hardware.

Image WOW. just best GIMP skills.

Have fun playing!

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Re: Server: RunOrFall (TNTRun in Minecraft)

by Miniontoby » Sat Nov 09, 2019 15:55

Cool server. I will join it realy
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