[Server] Icy's Mod-world! (Crash my WIP mods here!)

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[Server] Icy's Mod-world! (Crash my WIP mods here!)

by IcyDiamond » Wed Nov 20, 2019 16:50

This is a almost 24/7 server which sole purpose is to test my mods. This server runs on 5.2.0-dev and is often updated to the master branch, but it should work fine with the latest stable, albeit there may be some compatibility errors. As long as the master retains the protocol version that the current release has, it'll be fine.

My mods included: IcyEssentials, towny, melterns, elepower, magicalities and other popular mods by other authors. Suggestions on mods to add are welcome.

Address: home.lunasqu.ee
Map server: Access here
Port is the default (30000).

If it crashes, please tell me what you did to make it crash. Crashing is part of the fun of this server - I need to test my mods for multiplayer readiness.
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