Running a Server with an Unmanaged VPS

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Running a Server with an Unmanaged VPS

by JuanFM » Post

I am looking to run a small private server (around 10 players and a good number of mods) but I have zero experience with servers. My budget is around $10 USD per month because I live outside the USA and the dollar exchange rate is through the roof.

I have done quite a bit of research and I have noticed I can rent managed and unmanaged VPS to run the server. The most basic managed servers cost more than double my monthly budget. On the other hand, I can rent an unmanaged VPS with one CPU core and 2GB of RAM for 10$.

The issue is I am not sure I will be able to set up and run a server on an unmanaged VPS with zero server experience. I have read on the internet that it's a challenge to set up an unmanaged server and you need good linux knowledge to keep everything safe, updated and up and running. I dont need too much security on the server as all the players I know in person and trust. I only need to keep it safe from strangers.

Specifically speaking of a Minetest server, will I be able to run one on an unmanaged VPS with zero server running experience? Do you have any advice?

I've found these guides to run the server. I don't even know how to execute the commands, but I guess I will figure it out along the way. ... -on-linux/ ... untu-17-04

Will this guides work for an unmanaged VPS?

Any advice on where and how to run the server is much appreciated.
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Re: Running a Server with an Unmanaged VPS

by sfan5 » Post

Running one with zero server experience is going to be tough, but I'd say it's doable if you invest a little time into getting comfortable with the Linux command line.

Some advice on general server management:
  • Enable automatic package updates for your server to keep it secure
  • Set up SSH keys and then disable password logins afterward
If you take care of those points you should have a reasonably secure Linux server running and only need to worry about the Minetest server.

For server installation you can also take a look at this script and this page on the wiki. If any questions come up you can always ask on the forums or IRC (which is better suited for interactive support).
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