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[Server] Conquer (RTS!) [requires 5.2+]

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 14:18
by rubenwardy

Watch 0.1 Trailer

This server is the development server for play testing Conquer. Minetest 5.2 or later is required

Conquer is a mod that adds RTS gameplay. It allows players to start Conquer mini-games, where they can place buildings, train units, and fight other players.

Instructions on playing conquer can be found in-game

Code: Select all port 30002

Re: [Server] Conquer (RTS!) [requires 5.2+]

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 21:30
by Sokomine
Very nice! And the archers and knights are so cute. Do I really have to let them fight? Just letting them work, gather some ressources...that might be friendlier.

Starting a game and then leaving it left me with a one-player-Game running at where I was standing and me unable to reclaim the old game or to start a new one there. Moving away 75 blocks allowed me to create a new session. I was also able to dig game elements of sessions that where currently not running.

Hope you'll continue the good work!

And: The formspec explaining the game is extremly nicely done.

The game ought to be promoted more.